#1 English Podcast - Easy to Understand, Simple to Follow

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#1 English Podcast - Easy to Understand, Simple to Follow

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English Made Simple Podcast

Speaking English doesn’t have to feel like an everyday struggle

Just imagine what your life would look like if you could:

  • Communicate with others in English without constantly translating in your head
  • Make conversations with native speakers and never again worry if your pronunciation sounds ‘bad’
  • Speak English confidently, and know exactly what to say to fill those awkward silences

It’s time to have conversations in English that feel easy and effortless

Welcome amigos!

My name is Milena and I’m the host of the English Made Simple podcast.

I’ll show you how you can hold conversations in English without worrying about making mistakes.

Together with my programs and coaching, you’ll sound super-duper fluent and be confident whenever you’re having conversations in English.

Here’s how I can help

Online Courses & Programs

From learning about English pronunciation, to nailing job interviews and passing IELTS exams, you’ll soon find courses to help you improve in all aspects of life as a non-English speaker living overseas.

E-Books & Worksheets

If you just want to get the resources to help you fast-track your learning about English prepositions and ‘Conversation Starters’ then check out the resources I have for you in here.

Podcast & Transcripts

Improve your English listening skills by tuning in to the EMS podcast and following the transcripts. You can buy the transcripts here and have access to over 60+ episodes to learn from!

What others say about the Podcast and Online Programs

“Your podcast is amazing! I improved my english skills a lot. Thanks teacher, Milena for sharing your knowledge.”



“I love your podcast. I have learned so much. One thing I like most is the ‘Weon Inteligente’. Thank you Milena. Greetings from Bolivia.”



This podcast has been really helpful to improve my english listening. Milena is very funny when she speaks Chilean. Thank you, Milena.



Brazil loves you, Milena. I’m learning so much with your podcast. Thank you!!



Continue learning English through the EMS podcast

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[316] Learn English While Exploring New Zealand’s South Island

In this episode of The English Made Simple Show, we embark on a journey to the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand’s South Island. Discover Maori words, starting with Aotearoa, the Maori name for New Zealand. Join me as we explore the stunning scenery and learn why every corner of the South Island is perfect for a selfie. Enjoy the show!

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[315] Sorry, Can You Spell Your Name Again Please?

[315] Sorry, Can You Spell Your Name Again Please?

Hey amigos, in today’s episode I try to convince you to learn how to spell your name confidently and clearly. Every time and in every possible situation. In today’s episode you also learn a few phrasal verbs such as: dive into, come in handy and jot down. Enjoy today’s episode!

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[314] How to Spell Your Name in English

[314] How to Spell Your Name in English

In today’s episode we are going to learn how to spell our name in English using the Phonetic Alphabet. Doing this the right way will make you sound like a confident English speaker. Enjoy today’s show!

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