Transcript for Episode 7 – Phrasal Verbs (Ask For)

Hey guys welcome to English Made Simple this is episode 7 numero 7.

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Hey guys welcome to English Made Simple this is episode 7 numero 7.

Hey guys, Welcome muchachos, amigos! Welcome to English Made Simple my name is Milena thank you so much for joining in To another episode I can’t believe this is episode 7 yeeey Alright.

if you haven’t listened to my last episode please go back now and listen to it. It’s a short one, but it’s going to introduce you to Phrasal Verbs. So if you listen to my last episode, you will find out what it is!

Before I go into this episode I would like to say a big thanks to my special listener to Juan Carlos from Zacatecas Mexico! Andele Andele! Oralebuey! How are you doing Juan?

I want thank you so much for your nice comment I’m so happy you’re listening to my show thank you for letting me know you like it! It really keeps me going! You know what? Speaking of Mexico every time I hear Mexico and hear about Mexico it reminds me of Speedy Gonzales! do you know Speedy Gonzales, the cartoon? dibujos animados. Speedy Gonzales. It’s that little fast Raton! Mouse! Speedy Gonzales!

I remember, when I was, errr uhm… when I was 10 years old I think, Speedy Gonzalez was always playing on TV after school so that is one memory I have of Mexico and that was back home in Serbia!

So another thing that reminds me of Mexico is a tequila you know what tequila is like a universal language of the world I can say tequila, everybody will understand anywhere in the world haha

Another thing I want to mention about Mexico is in Australia where I live there is a lot of Mexican restaurants popping up, they are everywhere, every corner, there is a Mexican almost every corner, I am exaggerating, almost every corner has a Mexican restaurant or some place that sells

Burritos or Tacos!

So I love Mexican food it’s delicious I haven’t found one in Santiago that I like but I found one in Vina Del Mar so yeah it’s very delicious food.

Okay enough Milena enough of chit-chat, let’s move on to this episode.

We are going to go back to phrasal verbs Oh jolly good! (comment: Jolly good, it’s a very British thing to say!) so I introduced you to phrasal verbs from my friend weon intelligente! Haha

Cambridge online dictionary do you remember, go back and listen to the last episode so what I want to do now is to give you a tip, that you can use. It’s a Cambridge app yes it’s a boring cousin of weon intelligente.  Cousin meaning primo. It’s a primo de weon intelligente. Do you know what app is? It’s an application, aplicacion. You have to download it on your phone and it has a lot of phrasal verbs that you can browse through you can have a look you can see you can check and you can learn when you are in the train or going to work drinking cup of coffee somewhere or having a burrito or taco or having a tequila even you can check your phrasal verbs okay so this is just one and if you just do if you just do a quick Google search you will see there is a lot of useful apps that you can download on your phone and practice English.

Okay so hey in this episode I’m going to use an example of phrasal verb ASK FOR that is 2 words to ASK preguntar and FOR which means para or por.

And in English language we have to join these two together ask for which means one word in Spanish, PEDIR. To ask for is Pedir.

You use this in a sentence, I’m going to ask for a burrito when I go to a Mexican restaurant I usually ask for a chicken burrito so in this instance we use ask for you can also ask for help ask for help help meaning ayuda so if you need help with something you can ask someone for help, Pedir Ayuda. Alright you know in one of my future episode I’m going to cover something called IELTS and TOEFL exams! These are English exams. It’s the Dark Side of English. El Lado Obscuro del Ingles. It is the Dark Side of English. If you have seen Star Wars you will know what I mean. You know the Star Wars the movie? yup… so yeah IELTS and TOEFL that’s all you have to remember for now I’m not going to confuse you and overwhelm you but we are going to cover some topics on IELTS and TOEFL exams. In the future episodes! But Now it’s getting really dark here. Haha

It’s getting really dark I’m going to finish this episode I’m going to have my glass of wine and finish this episode and relax a little bit so enjoy your night people or enjoy your day and I will see you next time Hasta la Proxima! Ciao!

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