Cultural Differences (Phrasal Verb – Come Across  – and my addiction to coffee!)

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Hey everyone, Welcome to English Made Simple, this is episode 9 Numero 9.

Hello everyone, you can stop dancing please, I am going to stop dancing in my chair so that we can get on with the show. We can start the show….

We can start this show! how is everyone doing my name is Milena how is everyone doing.

I’m going to start the show a little bit different I’m going to share something personal about me I am going to make a confession.

I am a coffee addict! I love coffee love love love coffee. I developed my coffee addiction when I lived in Australia and New Zealand because in my opinion I think they have the best coffee. Look I’m not talking about things you see in the supermarket I’m not talking about the coffee from the supermarket I’m not even talking about the Starbucks coffee…yuck!… no this is beyond Starbucks this is beyond Starbucks I’m talking about freshly ground barista style coffee and this is very popular in Australia & New Zealand (Nueva Zelanda) it’s like a whole new Coffee Culture. So when I came to Santiago last year well it took me a while to find a place that I like and it was all by accident I went for a walk and I came across this place this little place that’s on the corner of Los Leones and San Pio X (Diez) Streets in Providencia Santiago so if you’re listening to this show you’re from Santiago I recommend this place so this place is called LA CAFETA (

And it was quite by accident that I found this place… so yeah I saw this place from the outside and it looked really nice, inviting…  And I could smell the coffee and I went inside and I tried their Espresso… I looooove Espresso…. so I went there and I tried the espresso and it was the same as what I had in Melbourne so I found my favourite place to have coffee in Santiago!!

This is where I prepare all emy episodes this is where I work on my website English Made Simple dot net ( Soooo, it’s a very nice cafe to have coffee and you can also bring your laptop as well…. and don’t forget to say hello Jorge the owner! Hola Jorge!  how are you? hope you’re listening to the show!!:) Como estas? Hehe

Alright… don’t forget to say hello to Jorge and bring your friends to this La Cafeta! I highly recommend it.

Alright guys, let’s move onto the show!

So I told you my story about this coffee addiction. I don’t know if you noticed I used a phrasal verb, to come across. To come means Venir, Across means del otro lado or al frente. Two words, come across. Alright, we have to use them together. Come across – means to find something by accident, to find something ,to discover. And I used it in the past tense. I came across this cafe.

Right. That’s one phrasal verb for you to remember.

So this episode, is going to introduce a topic of Cultural Differences between Chile and NZ. And i actually have a whole list of cultural differences, or topics that I was comparing and I will eventually share with everyone. But there is one that stands out for me the most, to stand out actually means sobresalir so there is one thing really strange thing for me…. my extraño, muy raro that I noticed  First time when I came to Chile it wasn’t the coffee it was actually the fact that Chile has a kissing culture and I call it a kissing culture because you kiss (beso) everyone even the people you don’t know you kiss everybody on the cheek, mejilla, we say cheek… I mean it’s fine to do that. But for me coming from Australia New Zealand where this is not common to do…. usually you shake hands and you wave a little bit and say hello how are you to a person you’ve never met before, like your dentist for example or your dance teacher you don’t kiss on the cheek if you’ve never met them. So to me it was really weird and that’s what happened to me at the dentist the other day and the reason why I went to the dentist is because of my second addiction which is sweets. I love sweets. Anyways, that’s another story haha. So I went to the dentist last week and first time I see this dentist and he gives me a kiss on the cheek to say hello…. but look now I am used to it now I don’t mind it when I go to Australia soon I’m going to kiss everybody on the cheek because now I am used to it because people kiss on the cheek to greet each other to say hello. In Australia New Zealand we like to shake hands no no no no no we don’t wanna kiss. We shake hands or we say hello.  But if you have friends this is common with your friends you can kiss on the cheek that’s fine but not with people that you don’t know my dentist in New Zealand and Australia yea we don’t kiss on the cheek this would be really weird we say hello how’s your day going good alright that’s basically it so I just wanted to introduce you to a little bit of a cultural difference or a cultural shock if you will when you moving from one culture to another yeah you’re bound to experience these differences. To get over this this weirdness if you will, You need to spend a little bit more time in this country to get used to the way the people live right so in the next few episodes I’m going to touch on different things cultural differences I’m going to also talk about IELTS and TOEFL exams, I’m also going to talk about some grammar as well. I got a request to talk about present perfect and past perfect tense is now I’m going to try to do this in a fun way as much as possible I don’t want to sound like a boring text book but I will try my best to explain this as simply as possible alright now I hope you enjoyed this episode please go to English Made Simple. Net ( and download the free ebook of the 10 most common English mistakes Spanish speakers make that stop them from being fluent alright guys I’m going to finish this episode with my very first Spanish words that I learnt when I was a little girl Hasta la vista baby you know where that’s from …. the movie guys the movie…. haha…. alright thank you for joining me I’ll talk to you guys soon and Hasta la vista baby, Ciao!

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