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Hola muchachos! Bienvenidos a mi Podcast English Made Simple! This is episode 12.

Hola from Australia! Welcome! my name is Milena. Thank you guys for joining me today I’m very excited that this is episode 12. I’m also excited that the whole world is listening, literally the whole world is listening! I can’t believe it I’ve got listeners in Asia, like Vietnam Japan Korea I’ve got listeners in North South Central America, in Europe España, Italy in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Wow, the whole world is listening! It’s a bit scary I have to say it’s a little bit scary but also at the same time it’s exciting, it’s very exciting. Right! 80% of this show is in English so of course everyone is welcome! Even if you’re a non-Spanish speaker you can pick up some Spanish words, you can learn some Spanish words and then impress your friends later it’s always cool to speak 1 or 2 languages. Just to be cool you know what I’m sayin’? alright enough of this! in this episode episode 12 I’d like to talk about fluency, a couple of students have recently asked me: Milena, how quickly can I become fluent in English? how soon can I become fluent in English? Well….

Before I answer that question let’s find out what being FLUENT actually means!! I’m going to refer to my dear old friend Weon Inteligente.

If you listened to the first few episodes you would know that well in telecentre is actually the Cambridge online dictionary yes so I’m going to find out what being fluent actually means according to my friend Weon Inteligente. So when a person is fluent they can speak the language easily, well and quickly without many pauses, without hesitation. To me this sounds like when a person is fluent they are confident when speaking English so they’re able to hold a conversation and they are able to have a flowing conversation. Being fluent means Fluido. Right. So let’s go back to that question: How quickly can you become fluent in English.

Well it depends entirely on you how much time do you have to dedicate yourself to learning English and also how motivated are you to learning English right I’ve done a quick research online and I’ve found that there are quite a few people out there who claim that you can be fluent in any language in 3 months and I am not sure if I agree with this I’m not sure if you’re able to do it in 3 months.  However, there are people out there who claim that you can be fluent in 3 months.

But it all depends on your circumstances on your situation really and I’ve done more research on what you can do and what you can implement on a daily basis ….every day what you could do to become fluent in English. So here are my tips on how you can be fluent in English. Como hablar ingles fluido.

Number one tip is to Be Patient and it’s ok guys to make mistakes! be patient with yourself! it’s ok to make mistakes when you speak English, native speakers make mistakes, I make mistakes everyone makes mistakes, it’s important to learn from those mistakes.

And of course have fun at the same time if you need to laugh at yourself it’s completely fine to do that to make mistakes means Cometer errores.


My tip number 2, speak, listen, read, write in English as often as you can.

Speaking everyday for as little as 15 minutes a day is much better than once or twice a week so you can learn English while you’re having breakfast read an article in English, you can learn English while you’re washing the dishes, while you’re walking the dog on your way to work, you can listen to this podcast!!! Hello? ;) you can listen to this podcast in English if you just spend 15 minutes a day either reading writing or speaking or listening in English ….you’re going to expand your vocabulary, you’re going to become more confident with yourself therefore you will be more fluent when you are speaking with native speakers.

Number 3, tip number 3:  how you can speak English fluently, create a network of like-minded peopleCrear un grupo de gente con las mismas ideas que tu.

Create a network of people who are in the same situation as you are. Who are interested in learning English together with you. Communicate, collaborate with others as much as possible, in person, face to face or through social media for example (online). Don’t just attend a meetup, go and create a meetup group, become the organizer of a meetup, don’t just become the member of the meetup. Meetup, I’ve actually mentioned in quite a few episodes, I am going to include a link to meetup anyway so you can refer to that. (www.meetup.com)

My tip number 4 – Do you have a hobby or an interest?

You should focus on something that interests you, learn the vocabulary associated with this particular hobby or interest, practise it until you become confident and you can repeat it without stopping or hesitating. When you are focusing on a hobby or something that you like to do, you are going to be more motivated, when you have motivation to learn the language you are more likely to be dedicated and committed to learning, and therefore you are going to become fluent at the end. Alright.

Number 5, tip number 5. Learn some useful vocabulary for spoken English.  For example,  collocation. Words that commonly go together, like Keep a Secret, Can you keep a secret? Here, take a seat. These are collocations. Learn phrasal verbs, Get up wake up, remember? We learned these phrasal verbs in my previous episodes, learn some idioms or sayings, like for example. When a native speaker says that something is too expensive. Like for example, I want to buy a car, but it’s too expensive, it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg! When a native speaker says oh it costs an arm and a leg, means something is really expensive. Learn some useful idioms or some sayings. Righto.

And my last 2 tips, I am going to make the last tip your homework actually.

So tip number 6. Listen and repeat the phrases that you hear.

So I love this podcast or other podcast in English or if you’re socializing with some native speakers listen and repeat the phrases that you hear …. don’t ask for grammar explanations! Every day native speakers won’t know what the past and present tenses are they wouldn’t even know what a pronoun is!

Because they’re not there to teach you English they just speak in their everyday fashion. So you should repeat what you hear and that way you will memorize it and you will expand your vocabulary and you will end up being fluent. End up is another phrasal verb!! Alright guys and my last tip.  Learn how to talk about yourself, imagine you’re at a job interview (entrevista laboral)

Imagine you are at a job interview and they ask you: Carlos or Carolina tell me about yourself. What are you going to say? You should learn how to talk about yourself, your career aspirations for example your education, your profession, what do you do, what are your interests.  What’s your hobbies learn how to talk about yourself write it down, read it out loud, memorize it,  learn some new vocabulary and practice and repeat as much as you can until you become confident and you can talk about yourself without stopping or hesitating!! And that’s how we become fluent in English now you don’t have to follow all these tips that I mentioned. You don’t have to follow all of them.

Pick one! select one, pick (elegir), pick one that you are comfortable with and that you’re going to stick with it pick one and then try to use it every day ok one of them should be listening to this podcast, that’s one,  got it! Next one! Find another thing that you can do and implement it together right that’s your homework my last tip is your homework learn how to talk about yourself all right guys thank you so much for joining me! Have you downloaded the Ebook from my website, www.www.englishmadesimple.net

Go for it!

We had some technical difficulties, but it’s all fixed now. So go to www.englishmadesimple.net and find out how you can fix some mistakes that stop you from being fluent in English. Thank you and Hasta la vista, Ciao!

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