To Have a Blonde Moment



In this short and sweet episode, it’s just me ranting and venting about my recent microphone issue. Lots of new vocabulary here, plus I introduce you to an informal expression: to have a blonde moment. Enjoy!



You are listening to English Made Simple, this is episode number 53, numero cincuenta y tres #53

OMG, oh my gosh! what a week! You know what, I am going to use this episode to rant and to vent, to unload. To rant in Spanish means despotricar acerca de algo or to unload in Spanish we would say hacer mis descargos en contra de algo – and for those of you who don’t speak Spanish, I know I have a lot of listeners from around the world, it just means to speak intensely about something, to rant, to vent, means to speak intensely about something, normally about issues or problems, just to let my feelings out. Ok I have to say it out loud. I am going to use you as my sounding-board haha muro de mis lamentos.
Oh hang on I didn’t introduce myself, I forgot, my name is Milena – please do not confuse my name with Melania, you know the future First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump. Ok,that’s not me! My name is Milena. And you guys are welcome to listen to me rant! Welcome to my old and new listeners!

So this Short and Sweet episode will contain lots and lots of new vocabulary, it will be a bit different but listen up and listen carefully, and you will learn a couple of new words. A couple of new words is better than nothing! And a couple of new expressions so keep listening, they will make you sound more fluent.

First expression, we are going to start with the first expression.

Guys, have you heard of Murphy’s Law? Ley de Murphy.
Murphy’s Law used in humourous kind of way, it’s often used jokingly (en broma), meaning that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. And in Spanish it would be Todo lo qué puede salir mal, va a salir mal. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong!

I am pretty sure every one of you knows about the Murphy’s Law or have experienced it yourselves at some stage in your lives.
So why am I talking about Murphy’s Law? Well….You want to know what happened to me last week?
Last week, my microphone didn’t work properly, luckily I had a spare one, the word spare as a noun means, according to weon inteligente, “it’s an item kept in case another item of the same type is broken” I had a spare mike, I had another one just in case. So I had a spare microphone, but even that microphone didn’t work. O M G (oh my God!), Just before I was due to record my episode, late at night, and I had to stay up late to troubleshoot the problem, before I could record my episode.

So I had to find out what the problem was with this stupid microphone. In the end, it wasn’t the microphone that was the issue, it was my editing software. I found a workaround, a workaround is an interim solution, a temporary solution and once I got my workaround in place, I was able to record my episode, which is cool!
So just after I fixed my computer issue, I had a blonde moment. What’s a blonde moment? I will explain soon. That’s another expression, that’s another expression we are going to learn today!

So as I was saying, I had a blonde moment, just after I recorded my episode last week. I didn’t listen to my episode before I uploaded for you guys to listen to it. And then I realized there was an issue with the file. Oh my God! I uploaded the wrong version of my episode. Oh I am such an idiot haha tonta!! Luckily, I have quickly fixed the issue which was caused by my own silliness.

What’s an issue? Issue as a noun means a problem.

So the expression I used here is “To have a blonde moment.”

What does weon inteligente say about this, what does “to have a blonde moment” actually mean?
You know secretly I imagine weon inteligente to be blonde, you know, ser de pelo rubio. Blonde is the colour of your hair.

To have a blonde moment, it’s often used in an informal way, not in an offensive way, it doesn’t mean to insult anyone, it is not supposed to offend anyone.

So, having a blonde moment expression is also used by a lot of people, even the blondes and brunettes, brunettes are girls with darker hair, pelo obscuro, castaño. Different kind of hair, darker hair and blondes are kind of white hair.

So this expression is used by everyone, so the expression is used when we do silly things, when we forget to do something, or when we do something really silly, and it’s often used as a joke in kind of a self-deprecating way.

New word for you guys! Self-deprecating, it’s an adjective and it means, to be critical of oneself, (autocrítico).

Like my example, Oh I uploaded the wrong file, oh, oopsy daisy I just had a blonde moment. I wasn’t thinking properly, just did it.

So there we go guys, lots of new vocabulary in this episode, we learnt about the Murphy’s Law we learnt about what it means to have a blonde moment. And I used myself as an example, I always make fun of myself. We used a new word, self-deprecating, as an adjective, you know usually when you say self-deprecating you usually make fun of yourself.

Right, this episode was jam-packed full of new words for you guys! And all thanks to my last week’s experience and technical problems I was having.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll get my wine and crackers, going to watch the Netflix series called the House of Cards I got inspired after watching the US election, thank you guys for joining me, until next time, hasta la proxima!

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