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In today’s episode, I will introduce you to 4 English Expressions plus I will share some exciting news! Tune in and don’t miss today’s episode. Learn the following expressions: to go on a binge, to eat like a bird, to grab a bite to eat and balanced diet. Enjoy :)

*Keep Your Ears and Eyes Open – 7 Day Speaking Challenge is on its way!*


Hey guys, you are listening to the English Made Simple show, this is episode number 133, number one hundred and thirty-three, numero ciento treinta y tres.

Yo wassup guys, welcome to this episode of English Made Simple, my name is Milena from

Happy Humpday everybody, 3 more days till the weekend, hang in there amigos y amigas.

(So today, I want to share 2 things with you.)

Firstly, I am going to introduce you to a few English expressions to do with drinking and eating – two of my favourite things. I haven’t counted them yet, there could be about 4 expressions that I will share with you. We’ll just go with the flow.

And secondly, pretty soon I will be starting a Speaking Challenge amigos y amigas, un desafío de Speaking English.

I call it a 7-day speaking challenge, I want you to get involved and I want you to practice your speaking. You will learn how to talk about yourself, about what you do and how to talk about your job or your hobbies. You will learn all of this this in 7 days. It will be an intense speaking challenge that will last for 7 days. I think that sounds pretty exciting!

I will explain more next week….I will share more about this challenge next week.

Keep your eyes and ears opened!

So that’s exciting…. alrighty!

Oki doki, let’s do this show already, Milena.

Let’s learn some English expressions, shall we?

Expression numero uno, to go on a binge.

To binge is an informal word and it means to indulge in an activity, for example, eating too much of something or drinking too much of something.

To go binge drinking means to consume a lot of alcohol, but to also have a good time doing it.
And if you say:

To binge eat – is too eat too much of food and enjoy eating too much of it.

A couple of episodes ago I said something like, I binge-watch Netflix. I also binge-watch the entire season of Game of Thrones, all 10 episodes, in one day. Because I love watching GoT, and I can’t get enough of it.

Remember, this is an informal expression, and native speakers use it quite often.

Binge is spelt as B I N G E.

And the expression for you to remember is To Go On A Binge.

I’ll give you an easy example so you can remember this word.

My friend Ana went on a binge and ate too much chocolate.

Cool, cool bananas!

Second expression is – to eat like a bird.

It’s almost the opposite of binging.

To eat like a bird – means to eat a small amount of food.

If you can imagine, birds don’t eat a lot so if someone eats like a bird they don’t eat a lot.

Easy peasy japanesy.

That one was very much self-explanatory.

Your third expression is

To grab a bite or to grab a bite to eat.

I will grab a bite to eat, after I finish recording this episode.

To grab – literally means to take by force. Let me see if Weon Inteligente can shine light on this for us…

According to Weon Inteligente or the online dictionary, to grab means, to make a sudden or quick grasp with force, to seize something by force.

In Spanish this would be similar to agarrar.

Let’s imagine I am going to the cinema and the movie is about to start – it’s his favourite movie The Smurfs, los pitufos. I could say to my husband, Hey mi amor, let’s grab a quick bite before the movie starts.

(My husband starts to panic, we are gonna miss the movie…whatever)

Your fourth and last expression for today is

Balanced diet. Dieta balanceada

Eating a balanced diet means a diet that contains essential nutrients across the majority of food groups.

Weon Inteligente is back for this one, I think Weon can explain it properly for us:

“A diet containing proportionate amounts of those food groups which are considered to be optimal for good health. A properly balanced diet should: be highest in fruits and vegetables; have a moderate amount of refined carbohydrates (e.g., breads and cereals), fish and dairy products; lesser amounts of meat; and minimal amounts of fats (e.g., butter) and refined sugars. “
Oh my gosh, whatta long definition!

It sounds great in theory but in practice… I find it hard to keep a balanced diet. My balanced diet is upside down – it’s imbalanced, which is the opposite. Imbalanced diet. Completely opposite of that description by Weon Inteligente.

Anyways, I can’t say no to chocolates and wine, you know me. I binge on chocolates and binge drink the good wine, but only the good wine of the highest quality….

Alrighty, remember guys, the 7-day Speaking Challenge is coming. I will share more details with you next week. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Thank you for joining me today, it’s been great amigos and amigas. Let’s do this again sometime. You’ve been jamming with Milena from English Made Simple, catcha ya later, hasta la proxima!

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