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Today, you will learn an expression that I heard recently while looking for a place to rent. Tune in to today’s show to find out what it is :) Enjoy!

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Hey there muchachos y muchachas, you are listening to the English Made Simple show, this is episode number 1-3-9, number one hundred and thirty-nine, numero ciento treinta y nueve

Hey there amigas y amigos, how are ya? How are you doing?

Thanks for tuning in to today’s show, my name is Milena from www.englishmadesimple.net

I am going to be short and sweet today.

Funny I should say that because today’s show is called Short and Sweet. Some of you know it, if you’ve been listening to me for a while, and some of you will not know it, as you have just tuned in for the very first time! Welcome by the way.

That’s alright! No dramas.

The short and sweet episodes are all about English expressions and sometimes I include phrasal verbs as well. I also know that a lot of people are interested in learning Phrasal Verbs, thanks to the recent poll I ran inside the Facebook group. That was very useful.

Also, if I have any special announcements regarding English Made Simple I will share it here in my Short and Sweet episodes. So just keep that in mind.

Today, I want to share an expression I heard recently from a real estate agent when I was looking for a property to rent.

As soon as she said it, I thought to myself, yes I will use this in my episode. This is a good one! People need to know about this expression. It’s a fun expression to know. They simply must know about this expression, oh my gosh!

First of all, let me just give you a quick background, for the past 2 weeks I’ve been looking for a place to rent here in Adelaide. So one day I decided …. you know what, I might just go to the agent’s office physically and see what kind of listings they have.

When I say listings, I mean a collection of advertised properties for rent or for sale.

Maybe there are some rentals that haven’t been advertised on their website, online (on the Internet), maybe they’ve received something today that’s more suited to my needs. That’s what I thought.

That is my reason for the visit.

Anyway, I was after a fully-furnished place. Which means I wanted to rent a fully furnished place. This is the phrase we learnt in the last episode guys, episode numero 138. If you go back to episode number 138 you will find out what the phrase fully furnished means.

It just means, a rental property that comes with furniture.

Right, I just gave you the answer, but still go back to episode 138 to learn other phrases I talked about.

Oki doki.

So, I walked into the agent’s office and I said, hello – I am interested to know if you have any properties available for rent that are fully-furnished?

And she said to me, we might, not sure. Have you looked online, on our website?

I said, not yet, I wanted to come in and see if you had any listings that haven’t been advertised online yet.

And then she goes to me and says, “well everything we have is on our website. At this point we don’t have fully furnished places for rent but I think it’s best if you let your fingers do the walking – it will save you time – rather than coming in. You might find something online that is more suited to you, to your needs. Here are some websites you can check out.“
Blahblah blah…

Right, duh – of course I can look at stuff online. I look for things online!

So did you notice what the expression was in that story, in that short story?

So the expression I wanted you to know was Let Your Fingers Do The Walking….

What this means is … Instead of using your feet and physically visiting shops or offices, like I did, so instead of walking, just use your fingers to type whatever you needed to search for on the Internet.

Type into the machine Google. Don’t walk. Just use Google man. Simples.

Cool bananas. I suggest you practise today’s expression. Go online and let your fingers do the walking. Whatever you need to search for, just go online, just type.

Just so you know, here in Australia people do everything online, on the Internet. They shop online, they do their banking online not just reading news and gossip.

Gossip in Spanish is Prenza amarilla.

And of course they browse Rental properties too online… which I should’ve done to begin with.

Another word, I just mentioned

Oh new word alert….I’ve mentioned a new word just now– browsing…. Which I better point out now.

When you browse the Internet – you are just looking and reading, not taking any action… yet.

Let’s imagine you enter a shop…let’s say you want to buy shoes, yup that’s right more shoes to add to your collection – let’s say you enter a shoe shop and the shop assistant comes up to you and says: Can I help you?

You say, no thanks just browsing… I’m just looking. That’s it! Easy peasy!

So there we go!

We’ve just learnt the expression, Let Your Fingers Do the Walking.
I hope it all made sense, I tried to put it in perspective for you and used a short story to describe this Expression.

So, don’t forget: Let your fingers do the walking and let Milena do the talking haha

Thanks for joining me in today’s short and sweet. We shall meet again soon. You’ve been chatting with Milena from English Made Simple. See you later alligator. Hasta la proxima!

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