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Learn two useful terms – to be laid back or to be easy-going. PLUS, a special announcement concerning the Short and Sweet episodes… like this episode, for example! Enjoy and chat soon :)

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Hello guys and girls, you are listening to the English Made Simple show, this is episode number 157, episode one hundred and fifty seven, numero ciento cincuenta y siete.

Welcome amigos y amigas, this is your host Milena speaking from,

I hope everyone is doing well. Everyone is fine and dandy. Which just means you know very well!

Today guys, you will learn 2 English expressions – first one being Laid Back and the second one To Be Easy-going. That’s two words, laid back and easy going.

And also, towards the end of today’s episode – you have to listen till the end! – I am going to share some news with you guys, I will share some news concerning the Short and Sweet episodes. So you have to stay till the end and listen!

For those of you who have joined us for the very first time, welcome! Welcome aboard! And a huge welcome to the regular listeners as well for the 157th time. Wow!

But first things first, the English expression, laid back.

This is an informal expression, it’s also an adjective. So we can describe things.

We use it when we want to describe a person or a place. It’s often used in an informal way, more used in conversations with friends or just used in casually type of conversation.

So what does it mean?

A great question!

Let me bring Weon Inteligente to the show. Weon Inteligente the star of today’s show!

According to Weon Inteligente or the Online Dictionary, laid back means to be relaxed and easy going. It can also mean calm and relaxed.

You know, when my friends ask me: hey Milena how is Adelaide? How are things in Adelaide? I say to them:

Yeah it’s good. It’s very laid back. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, relaxing. No stress. There aren’t people rushing anywhere, they are not in a rush these people, there aren’t many people to actually – if you are following me on Instagram you would’ve seen a photo of an empty street I took on a nice Saturday morning around 9am – there was nobody there – no people, no traffic jams. Which is great, I don’t like traffic jams!

So yeah, Adelaide is very laid back.

And I am a sort of person that is laid back as well. So we can use this expression when we describe people..

I am also laid back. In this case, it means friendly, nonchalant and easy-going.

And, easy-going is a good term to learn. Native speakers use these two expressions a lot.
Laid back and easy-going.

For example:

Have you met your new boss? Yeah he is pretty cool, easy-going, not too demanding.

Remember these two expressions, they will come in handy, they will be useful to you one day.

So now you’ve learnt two expressions that you can start using straight away, if not immediately.

Great, awesome!

And now, without further ado, let us get on with the special announcement regarding the Short and Sweet episodes.

But before that, just for those who are tuning in for the first time, the Short and Sweet episodes as I like to call them, are episodes that are released midweek so that you can enjoy a double dose of English Made Simple in 7 days. So you can listen to the show twice per week. That was the idea!

My regular listeners already know what these episodes are all about. They are about English Expressions and Phrasal Verbs. And sometimes I use them to announce stuff like this.

Ironically, today’s announcement is about the Short and Sweet episodes. Ironic, I know!

I am pushing a Pause button on the Short and Sweet episodes. I am going to stop Short and Sweet episodes … temporarily. Temporarily! Only for a short period of time. Don’t be sad!

The reason for this is because I am currently working on creating more fun programs and courses for you guys, I am looking for ways to really amplify your learning. I feel that listening to the show is not enough, you need more practical learning. So I am working on creating this for you. I really want you to start implementing what you learn on this show.

I don’t know if you know, the podcasting does take a lot of time so currently I am not able to complete my weekly tasks because of the Short and Sweet episodes. Just to give you an idea of what’s involved with podcasting. Podcasting is a lot of work: recording, editing, publishing, transcribing and updating episodes. It’s delaying me from completing my other tasks with English made Simple.

There is a lot of cool stuff happening behind the scenes of the English Made Simple show that you guys cannot see.

I am changing the website, I want to do videos, and I will be creating a new plan for the podcast so that is more exciting and interesting for everyone including myself. I need to spice things up a bit. And it’s time for a little change!

And I will still be here every Monday! Not going anywhere. There is a lot of content now, you can quickly hop into your time machine and scroll down through some old episodes. There is a lot of useful stuff in there.

So as I said, I am going to pause Short and Sweet episodes… just for a little bit.
And that’s the announcement for today!

So that’s it amigos y amigas. I bid you a farewell! Don’t be sad! Don’t go crying now ok?
I am here, I am not going anywhere! We shall see each other very soon!

That was a short and sweet and ironic episode!

Thanks for tuning in guys, it’s been a pleasure as always. You’ve been jamming with Milena, until next time, hasta la proxima!

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