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Happy Holidays! This episode is about reflecting on our goals we made in 2017. How are you tracking with your goals? 2017 is not over yet! Enjoy today’s episode :)

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Hey guys, you are listening to the English Made Simple show, this is episode number 1-6-3, number one hundred and sixty three, numero ciento sesenta y tres.

Hola and welcome amigos y amigas. How is it going? I hope you are doing well!

Welcome to the English Made Simple show, this is episode number 1-6-3 of the English Made Simple show, my name is Milena from Englishmadesimple.net and by the time this episode airs – goes live, I will be spending my holiday break in a lovely beachy town in Australia called Robe. R-o-b-e.

It’s about 4 hours’ drive from Adelaide city. It will be the world’s longest drive and the most boring one if I may say so. Normally there is nothing much to see when you drive from one city to another. Swamps, dry land and sheep.

Once I reach Robe, I will share some photos with you, in the Facebook group and Instagram community so you can see how beautiful this town is.

Guys, I hope you enjoyed the episode I did together with Nathi from Brazil. That was episode 1-6-2. She shared a lot about the Au Pair program, about limiting beliefs we feel as English learners or as immigrants living overseas and she shared something really important. Especially important for someone who plans to move overseas or who is already living overseas in an English speaking country, and that was … to find support. Be surrounded by like-minded people, you shouldn’t feel alone. Join Facebook groups, meet up groups and meet like-minded people. Those are people just like you. People who think the same as you, feel the same as you and are in the similar situation like you.

Anyway, I hope that was useful to you.
Well today’s episode will be short and sweet.

We are close to the end of the year, end of 2017.

It’s time to reflect on our goals…. On what Milena? On your goals, the ones you made at the beginning of the year, 12 months ago haha

It’s time to ask yourselves some serious questions like: did you learn anything new this year? Have you reached any goal this year, no matter how big a goal or how small? [Are you a better person today than you were 12 months ago?]

Guess what?

I have written down my goals in January of 2017. I wrote some personal goals and some goals related to the English Made Simple.

I am happy to share my goals and the outcome of my goals with you, if it means it will motivate you to aim high for the next year.

First of all, I gotta say 2017 was an odd year for me. It was an odd year because it is an odd number (meaning literally you can’t devide it by 2 and get a whole number), but it was also odd because it was just odd… odd is another word for strange, peculiar, bizarre.
In Spanish it’s ‘raro’

There was a lot of ups and downs. Feeling sad, feeling happy. Feeling up and feeling down.

But I don’t want to bore you with the details.

So I had a look through my list of goals and it looks as though I have achieved 40% of my goals.

Some of my personal goals were to:
Read 5 books at least. I used to read a lot of books in the past, but as of 3 years ago I hardly read books. I was reading a lot of blogs online. Which is fine. But I still like holding a book in my hand.
Well I read 3 books this year so far and there were 2 books that I couldn’t finish reading I just got bored. The books I was reading were about psychology, marketing and business in general. Nothing to do with Lord of the Rings or Hobbit or 50 Shades of Grey.

My next goal was to Run 5km a day.

Well that didn’t happen. However, I did regular walks of over 10,000 steps a day. I enjoy doing that, it relaxes me and prepares me for the day ahead.

#3 Unsubscribe from irrelevant subscriptions.

I do get a lot of emails, and I did unsubscribe from the ones that don’t interest me anymore and the ones that distract me from achieving my goals.

So that’s one tick for me.

Some goals related to English Made Simple were to do with my website, and I did achieve that.

I mean website is never finished, you will always want to change something. At least the main bits were finished so it will be easier for you guys to navigate it. There is also a photo of me on the front page. Yeey!

#4 – I also wrote down to do more videos however, I will start doing videos in 2018. So keep an eye out for that.

One of the goals in 2017 was to find a coach for myself, a trainer to help me grow English Made Simple even more. And that was successful, I was able to grow the number of listeners in 2017, thanks to getting a coach.

It can really be hard to do things on your own so it’s best to hire a coach to help you so you can grow and develop faster in whatever you want to achieve. I am really happy I decided to get a mentor. Mentor is like a coach.

And guys, this applies to learning English, if that is one of the goals you have for the next year. Getting a coach will help you get to your goal faster. I strongly believe that.

So, I just wanted to share a few of my goals with you. There are some goals on the list that I did not have time to complete however, I will just move them over to 2018.

There is always next year. I will be planning some changes for next year so stay tuned!

Thanks for joining me today. Thank you for supporting me in 2017, it’s great to know that the podcast is helping you improve your English.

I hope you have an amazing Christmas break and if you don’t celebrate Christmas then I hope you have an amazing holiday with your family. Christmas is an excuse to spend time with family.

Please be safe, keep out of trouble, behave and don’t do something I wouldn’t do.

It’s been awesome hanging out with you, let’s do this again. You’ve been jamming with Milena from English made simple– Until next time! Hasta la proxima!

Milena Vujnic

Milena Vujnic

Podcast Host at English Made Simple Podcast


Milena is the host of the English Made Simple Podcast and is passionate about helping English learners break their fear of speaking English so they can confidently make conversation and be understood by other English-speakers.

Milena lives in Australia with her Chileno husband and loves anything podcasting and online coaching and is honoured to be supporting and guiding immigrants from all over the world with her products, programs and coaching services.

Click here to learn more about how you can work with Milena.


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