Experience with IELTS and Life in Australia



In today’s episode we chat with Eduardo, a long time listener of the show and an IELTS survivor, about his experience with IELTS and also his experience with living in Australia. Eduardo shares his best tips! Enjoy the show :)

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Notes – Experience with IELTS and Life in Australia

I am so excited to be chatting with Eduardo about his experience with IELTS and moving to Australia – all the way from Venezuela! Eduardo has been kind enough to share some of his tips on how you can tackle the IELTS exam.

IELTS was the only obstacle in Eduardo’s way to making his move across to Australia. He had already satisfied one part of the immigration process which was the right qualifications required to enter Australia. (If you are not sure about how to migrate to Australia, it’s best to speak to one of the licensed Immigration Agents)

So, if you are reading (or listening to) this and you are about to do the IELTS exam, then I want you to know that you are not alone! You’ll hear from Eduardo’s first-hand experience that he had to do IELTS four times until he got the score he needed.

He is not the first person to have done IELTS more than once! Again, don’t feel embarrassed if you do have to sit it more than once :)

In our chat, I asked Eduardo to share his experience of living in Australia. As you know Australia is known for things like, snakes, crocodiles and sharks, amongst other better things such as the kangaroos, sunshine and beautiful white sandy beaches!

Hey amigos y amigas, don’t forget to listen till the end, there are a couple of more tips that we missed in our chat, but I’ve decided to share them at the end.

Keep listening!

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