We Chat To IELTS Survivor #2

We’ve got another IELTS survivor joining us in the show! I am so excited to be chatting with Carlos who currently lives and works in Melbourne. We chat about his experience with IELTS and his life in Australia. Carlos shares a lot so be sure to tune in to this episode to get more tips on improving your IELTS score. Enjoy :)

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Chat Summary

I am excited to bring on Carlos to the English Made Simple Show! Carlos is a mechanical engineer from Chile who had moved to Melbourne 2 years ago. In this episode Carlos shares his experience with IELTS, the visa process and life in Australia.

Carlos really goes deep and shares his frustrations with IELTS but also his plan on how he practiced for IELTS – something that you can replicate in your own practice.

Being an Engineer, time was scarce for Carlos. He only found the time to practice before work and before breakfast, around 7am every morning (well most mornings!) He would then send his practice essays to me and I would provide feedback on how he can improve his next essay.

This plan worked for Carlos.

Here is a summary of other tips he shared with the EMS community:

  • Carlos had tried 2 different IELTS courses in Melbourne. His personal experience from these courses is that he couldn’t focus well as there were too many students in the class, so the classes weren’t personalised
  • Carlos realized that after arriving in Australia, his level of English wasn’t enough to start looking for work. He needed a different type of training to prepare him for job interviews, meeting and running presentations at work.
  • Visa process is a long and tedious process
  • In regards to IELTS, Carlos used to prepare by writing an essay a day. This is because he realised Writing and Speaking were his 2 main weaknesses in IELTS.
  • He hired an online English coach as he needed a more personalised coaching, someone to give him feedback on essays and speaking.
  • Another tip he shared which I really liked is that when he was practicing Writing he noticed how his vocabulary was increasing and he started to use that same vocabulary in his speaking.
  • IELTS is like a journey, you really have to be committed 100% to practice and remember, don’t give up!

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