Four easy ways to remember a stranger’s name

Today, I teach you how to remember a stranger’s name. Or should I say, an acquaintance’s name, someone you’ve just met for the first time. You’ll also meet my new imaginary friend called Rickilikos Osphesugus… or something like that. Enjoy :)

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Hey guys, you are listening to the English Made Simple show, this is episode number 201, episode 2-0-1, episode two hundred and one, numero dos cientos uno.

I have to get used to saying this – episode two hundred and something.

Welcome back amigos y amigas, my name is Milena from, and today, I am going to teach you how to remember a stranger’s name.

You know, my local baker can never remember my name. He always greets me with “Hello, Melania!” I’ve already corrected him twice, but he seems to always call me Melania for some reason.

Every time I corrected him he tells me, oh so it’s not like Melania Trump. I said nope.

The next day he says, “Hello, Melania”

I just gave up correcting him.

So what about you, are you good at remembering people’s names? The ones you meet for the first time?

A new person that you just met is called an acquaintance.

I used to be really good at this, but lately I started to forget. Must be my old age.

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Milena Vujnic

Milena Vujnic

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Milena is the host of the English Made Simple Podcast and is passionate about helping English learners break their fear of speaking English so they can confidently make conversation and be understood by other English-speakers.

Milena lives in Australia with her Chileno husband and loves anything podcasting and online coaching and is honoured to be supporting and guiding immigrants from all over the world with her products, programs and coaching services.

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