Learn how to engage in Small Talk

Have you ever tried to engage in small talk? Today we learn about what small talk is, what the word ‘engage’ means and a couple of phrases to help you engage in conversations with random people. You never know who you might end up meeting simply by talking about the weather. Today’s notes are available on Page 2 of My Teaching Notes. Enjoy:)

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Hey amigos y amigas, you are listening to the English Made Simple show, this is episode number 2-0-4, number two hundred and four, numero dos cientos cuatro.

Welcome to the English Made Simple show, this is Milena from Englishmadesimple.net and you are listening to the episode two hundred and four! Oh my goodness, where did the time go?

And about you guys? What have you been up to? Just another way to say, what’s up?
How was your weekend? Did you have fun on the weekend?

Hope everyone is well.

Thanks for joining me in today’s episode.

Today we are going to take a couple of more excerpts from my Teaching Notes.

Today’s episode is going to help you engage in “Small Talk.”

I did mention this phrase before, perhaps I touched on it in my earlier episodes… (need to find out which ones they were) – [Episode 108 – How To Start a Conversation In The Office]

First things first, before I start diving straight into today’s episode, it’s my pleasure to say hello and a huge thanks to the following listeners.

Thank you to David Turner from France, I hope I said the name correctly, thank you for your kind donation. What we will cover in today’s episode will be on PAGE 2 of my Teaching Notes. Hope you are following the notes and listening to this episode at the same time.

And also wanting to say a huge thanks to people who had the time to leave a five star review in iTunes.

I can only see these Reviews but I can’t reply to them for some reason, that’s an issue with iTunes at the moment, I hope that gets resolved soon.

So, thank you Rolando Ocariz from the US for your nice comments that you left for me and English Made Simple inside iTunes, also a huge thanks to username De Aplicación from the UK who also left a 5 star review, I really appreciate buddy – thank you!

And my long-standing listener Max Melo from Brazil who’s been a fan since 2016 and has been following the show ….well from the very start. I started my podcast in 2016. So it’s nice to know that you are sticking around and you are still learning from the EMS!
I noticed you used the phrase “Cool bananas” – that’s what I use a lot. Is that all you’ve learnt?

I only hear this expression in Australia – Cool bananas. It means “Ok, awesome!”

Again, thanks guys for taking the time to leave me a review – This just makes it easier for other people to discover the show when they search for it in iTunes and I am able to reach more people and spread my message.

Awesome, cool bananas! Ha, there we go again!

Ok so back to today’s episode.

Engaging in Small Talk.

As I mentioned just before, you can find all of this on page two inside my Teaching notes that I am sharing with you until end of November, so you better hurry and get it!

So if you are listening to this episode in real time in November of 2018, jump on to www.englishmadesimple.net/coffee to get access to my teaching notes.


What does it mean to “engage in small talk”?

First of all, what does it mean “to engage”?

It can mean a lot of things really. The most commonly used as the following.


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