[299] Business Vocab: Procurement, Brainstorming and Raising Funds



In today’s episode we dive deeper into some new phrases and words you’ve heard in the previous episode. It will help you expand your business vocabulary. Enjoy today’s show!

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[298] Business English: How to Start a Business – Interview with Jovana Vujnic

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Transcript Snapshot (Business Vocabulary)


Hey guys, you’re listening to the English Made Simple Show. This is episode number 299, number two hundred and ninety-nine, número dos cientos noventa y nueve.

Welcome amigos y amigas. This is your host Milena speaking, you’re tuning in to the English Made Simple show. You can learn more about the EMS show and what it is all about when you visit www.englishmadesimple.net. If you want to listen to the podcast straight from the website simply type in www.englishmadesimple.net/podcast. And you will be taken right to the podcast player… And while you’re there, you can find a huge repertoire of the EMS episodes as well as useful resources to help you accelerate your English learning.

Thank you everyone for joining me today.

Hope you had some time to listen to the last episode a few times. I’ve now updated the interview with transcripts…

Go to www.englishmadesimple.net/transcript to buy the full transcript of that interview. You’ll also get access to over 80 episode transcripts. I keep adding to this document, hope you find it useful.

By the way, I hope you enjoyed listening to a different style of show – The last episode I did was an interview style. I don’t do it often, as it takes longer to edit and for some reason I often encounter technical issues. Maybe it’s my outdated podcasting equipment, I think it’s time I upgrade. But the reason I wanted to bring Jovana to the show was because I thought it would be an interesting conversation for you guys to hear.

There was a lot of new vocabulary for you. If you’re a business owner, or planning to leave your full time job and start your own business like a side-hustle for example, you’d definitely benefit from listening to the last episode, that episode was number 298.

So during the interview, as Jovana was talking, I was taking notes of new words and phrases that popped up which we haven’t covered in this show before. So they probably sounded foreign to you.

Today, I’m doing a follow-up episode to go through the following new words:

– Procurement, Supply Chain
– Raising Funds
– Brainstorming Ideas

These were brought up in the interview and I’d like to take this opportunity to clarify them for you.

So let’s get cracking.

Business Vocabulary: #1 Number one – Procurement and Supply Chain

What does the term ‘procurement’ actually mean?

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