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In today’s episode we are going to learn how to spell our name in English using the Phonetic Alphabet. Doing this the right way will make you sound like a confident English speaker. Enjoy today’s show!

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Transcript Snapshot (How to Spell Your Name in English)


Hey guys! You’re listening to the English Made Simple Show! This is episode number 314, number three hundred and fourteen, numero trescientos catorce.

You’re tuning in to the English Made Simple Show, and as always, I’m your host, Milena. Welcome back amigos! Welcome back to the show, this is episode number 314 where we are going to be learning how to spell our names today!

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Easy peasy japanes-ey!

You know what else is easy peasy?

Today’s episode.

Actually, it’s easy peasy and it’s fun.

Let me start off by asking you a question:

Have you ever found yourself struggling to spell your name over the phone? I know I have! But fear not, my friends, because in today’s episode, I’m going to share with you some super handy tips that will make spelling your name a breeze.

I just used an English expression – to make something a breeze.

To make something a breeze – means to make something easy. ‘Easy breezy’

It’s an expression: let’s make it a breeze! Breeze is a wind that’s not too strong. When you have wind outside, but not a strong wind. Just a breeze.

So back to my question: have you ever struggled with spelling your name?

This week alone I had to spell my name like four times…

Twice over the phone and the other two times, I had to do it in person when I was visiting a doctor.

I don’t have a typical English sounding name, I am not Jane Smith for example. Or John Smith is quite common, right?

Some English names may need to be spelled out, too. Some native speakers have uncommon spellings to their names. For example, Anne with an ‘e’ or ‘Ann’ without an ‘e’ at the end of it. So, if your name is Anne with an e – then in this instance you’ll most definitely need to spell your name when speaking to someone, if you want the person to write it down correctly.

Are you with me yet amigos y amigos? Are you following me so far?

Have you had difficulties spelling your name recently?

Speaking of names, I’d like to send a couple of greetings to a few special listeners of the show.

Diego from Cartagena in Spain, who is a ‘radio amateur’. Diego wrote me a message recently saying that he’s enjoying the EMS show. As a radio amateur, Diego has to spell certain words over the radio to communicate with other radio amateurs – I didn’t know a ‘radio amateur’ is a thing, it’s like a job, right? You guys do a lot, communicating over the radio. So anything you share over the radio has to sound clear. I understand you use ICAO codes – which stands for International Civil Aviation Organisation. Well today’s episode is very much relevant to you amigo! Keep listening. Thanks again for your message. It really made my day to hear from you.

Also, a special greeting to another listener from Chile. His name is Ivan Novakovic. An interesting name, especially his last name which sounds Eastern European. Ivan’s grandparents are from Croatia. So I would pronounce his last name as Novakovich. I have a friend in Serbia with the same surname actually.
Ivan is a forensic doctor who may understand a bit of Dutch and English. He’s a new listener of the show, so welcome to the show Ivan and thanks a lot for your message. It was also nice to hear from you.

I’ll share one more greeting to a listener from South Africa, called Izak Johannes van Schalkwyk. Izak sent me a message as he needed help to spell his name. He did send me a message a while back, last year in November. And I did reply to Izak then and helped him with spelling his name. Maybe this episode will help you out, too Izak. So it’s very nice to receive a message from you and thank you for listening to the EMS show. Much appreciated.

I love hearing from my listeners. I love knowing there are people out there listening to my gibberish. Hope you’re learning something too, not just listening for the sake of listening!

Alrighty, let’s get back to the show now.

So amigos, this will all make sense now. I’m sending a greeting to my listeners of the show who’ve decided to reach out to me and you’ll notice one thing we all have in common.

We all have interesting-sounding names. Fascinating names.

So today’s episode is going out to everyone with interesting-sounding names. Curious-sounding names.

My name is not a typical western-sounding name.

I used to have issues spelling the letters M and N in my name. They sound very similar especially if you’re speaking to someone over the phone. It’s hard to know the difference between these letters.

But in today’s episode I am going to teach you how to spell your name clearly. You’ll just need to spell it once and the person on the other end will get it and won’t get confused.


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Milena Vujnic

Milena Vujnic

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Milena is the host of the English Made Simple Podcast and is passionate about helping motivated English learners break their fear of speaking English so they can confidently make conversation and be understood by other English-speakers.

Milena lives in Australia with her Chileno husband and loves anything podcasting and online coaching and is honoured to be supporting and guiding immigrants from all over the world with her products, programs and coaching services.

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