About The English Made Simple Podcast

Fact #1

Launched in March 2016 as a platform for keeping in touch with my students from Chile, the English Made Simple Podcast has since become a quick growing community of English learners from all around the world!

Fact #2

The English Made Simple Podcast has attracted over 180 countries worldwide. The number of episode downloads and podcast listeners is growing exponentially every day!

Fact #3

The English Made Simple Podcast has been featured on the New & Noteworthy section of iTunes, right next to the world-famous multi-millionaire success coach Tony Robbins and the BBC Radio 6 Minute Grammar podcast!

Meet Your Host

Milena Vujnic

Milena Vujnic

Jedi Master - Wine and Nutella Lover - The Crazy Twin

Hola! My name is Milena Vujnic and I am on a mission to help 1,000,000 people learn to speak English fluently.

Pronouncing my first name is easy-peasy, however my last name on the other hand, is a bit more complicated.

Just in case you were wondering how to correctly pronounce my last name, here’s the phonetic version: Vui-nich or Voo-ynich.


Boring stuff about me

I hold a Bachelor degree in Business (Information Technology and eCommerce). I am ITILv3 Certified. *yawn*

Originally from Serbia, I lived in Auckland, New Zealand for 12 years and about 8 years ago I moved to Melbourne then Adelaide in Australia, my new home.

I have a range of experience from working in the corporate world, to organising language-exchange events, to teaching Aerobics at various gyms. But what I enjoy doing the most is…teaching English!

Fun and Cool stuff about me

I am a coffee and chocolate addict. I am an animal lover no matter how big or small. I also like to sit back, be lazy and enjoy a glass of red wine. I have a love-hate relationship with Nutella. I speak 3 languages fluently and 2 other languages not-so-fluently.

I am a certified Aerobics Instructor, I used to be a Step Aerobics instructor for about 4 years and I also competed in Body Building at NABBA New Zealand Championships in 2003.

I grew up listening to Metallica, Megadeth, Sepultura and Foo Fighters. Back in high-school, I used to be a member of a rock band called “Metalization”, I also learnt to play guitar – both classical and electric.

I have a twin sister, an elder brother and one brave Chileno husband.

The main reason I started English Made Simple

I guess you came here because you are learning English, right?

Wow, that’s cool.

And yes, it’s true we will learn English here, however, we will go even deeper than that.

“English” is only a smidgen of what you will learn here at English Made Simple.

I am thinking, maybe you are one of those people who are:

  • Moving to an English-speaking country (such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, US)
  • Have been living overseas and just need help with everyday English
  • Working for a multinational company locally and need to learn English for work
  • Or perhaps you are moving overseas to study

Am I right?

I’ve created English Made Simple because I am passionate about helping expats, migrants and non-native English speakers gain practical skills that will help them easily integrate in a western society.

Basically, I will help you feel ‘less foreign’, be less tongue-tied and less confused so you can start quickly immersing yourself in your new life.

You shouldn’t struggle like my family and I did when we emigrated from a tiny country called Serbia to another tiny country called New Zealand, back in 1995. I can tell you now, we wish there was something like English Made Simple back then to save us from our struggles.

*cue in the violins…background music playing*

As soon as we landed, I remember confusion, frustration and shock had started to set in. All of a sudden, things we had taken for granted back home had become a real struggle. Simple things like going to the bank, to the doctor’s, the supermarket, enrolling kids into schools, let’s not even mention the job search!

What would’ve helped my family and I then, was being able to meet with someone who had been through the same experience, who had done it before and who could’ve shown us the quickest way to settle into our newly adopted ‘home.’

What we needed was: a personal coach and a guide.

Now over to you.

Are you thinking of moving overseas or have you recently emigrated overseas and need help settling in?

Check out Learn With Me page to see how English Made Simple can help you.

“Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English, it means they know another language” ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Un gran abrazo,

Insta @englishmadesimple

My personal mission is to help 1,000,000 people learn to speak English fluently. Wish me luck!

Mr. Weon Inteligente

Mr. Weon Inteligente

Professional Nerd - Phd in Something Boring

Hello! My name is Weon. Weon Inteligente.

People often stop and ask me: who are you?

Who is weon inteligente?

Mmmmuy interesante!

Weon inteligente is an international man of mystery…or was that James Bond?

I am a man of few words and I represent any dictionary out there.

In my spare time I like to wear prescription glasses which give me that  “wow – you – are – so – smart” look.

I make regular contributions to the English Made Simple show by sharing my wisdom, because… well, just between you and me, the host is a bit coo-coo and cray-cray-crazy, always lost for words.

I do my bit to help.

I help you understand those hard-to-understand English words and expressions. So if you haven’t listened to the show yet, I suggest you do…RIGHT NOW!

Click here to listen to the latest episodes of the show.

Thank you for reading my bio. I am pleased to have made your acquaintance.

Yours sincerely,

…I mean the word “phonetically” doesn’t even start with an ‘f’ why do we pronounce it as ‘fonetically’ then…

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