Real English Conversations Made Easy 6-Week Masterclass

Do you want to be able to communicate with others in English without worrying if you're making mistakes?

The 6 week interactive program for people who want to confidently communicate in English.

Tell me, does this sound like you:


Every time you want to speak with someone in English, you start to translate words in your head then no words come out. And you freeze.


You get stuck after the “Hi, how are you?” bit unable to say anything further


You feel stressed and anxious when having to keep a conversation going because you find yourself repeating the same words such as "Very", "Nice", "Good"...


You don’t know what words to use or questions to ask to fill those awkward silences


You're currently spending time and money on various online courses that don’t even teach you the phrases to use in a normal conversation

Imagine what it would feel like if you could hold a fluent conversation in English

Would it feel like this:


You wouldn't need to ask for clarification anymore


People would finally understand you when you're speaking


You wouldn't feel embarrassed anymore to speak with your friends and colleagues


Asking questions in a business meeting wouldn't make you feel anxious anymore


You'd finally enjoy watching Netflix without having to turn on English subtitles


And you wouldn't need to take another English course, so you can start saving money for other things such as, enjoying brunches with your new friends

If this sounds like you, then I’d love to invite you to join my new program called

Real English Conversations Made Easy

Here’s what you’ll get:


You'll be able to talk about activities you enjoy doing without relying on Google Translator or other translating apps that waste space on your phone


Confidently start any conversation to build your network of English-speaking friends so you can make real connections and friendships while living overseas


Learn to ask follow up questions to keep any conversation going without feeling nervous every time it's your turn to speak


Learn the right questions and phrases to use in a normal conversation whenever your're making small talk with friends and colleagues


Quick-thinking phrases to help you eliminate those awkward silences during a conversation just when you thought you've run out of things to say

It’s time to stop watching faceless videos about grammar that don’t teach you how to speak.

Real English Conversations Made Easy is a 6-Week Interactive program for motivated learners who want to confidently communicate in English.

Let’s Take A Peek Inside:

Real English Conversations Made Easy

WEEK 1 - Fear Be Gone

Before we dive into full-blown conversations, let’s revisit the basics. Pronunciation.
In this easy-peasy module, you’re going to do some warm-up exercises to prepare you for successfully completing this program. You’ll also get a chance to introduce yourself. In this week, you will:


  • Learn how to start answering the basic questions of introducing yourself and talking about what you do
  • Train your tongue to pronounce those tricky consonant-vowel combinations with a fun tongue twister
  • You’ll also create your first recording to help you calm your speaking nerves and get you ready for the program

WEEK 2 - Let's Get Personal

In this fun-packed week you’ll start creating your own little dictionary that you can refer to whenever you get stuck for words. Let’s call it your own “Personal Lexicon”. You will:


  • Create your own list of synonyms and phrases to use following my new approach to vocabulary building
  • You’ll learn to use the right tenses when describing what you do so your answers flow with ease and not sound like a scratched record
  • Receive a personalized feedback on your pronunciation so you can keep improving throughout the program

WEEK 3 - The Weekend Chat

How confident are you when talking about your weekend or ‘what you did last summer’? In this training you will:


  • Discover the secret rule to correctly pronouncing regular verbs in past tense so you can easily be understood by others
  • Learn to memorize the most commonly used irregular verbs when describing your everyday activities so you don’t have to stop and think about them causing you to slowdown conversations
  • Receive a personalized feedback on your pronunciation so you can keep improving throughout the program

WEEK 4 - What's Your Next Adventure

Be easily understood when communicating your short-term and long-term plans with others. In this module you’ll learn how to:


  • Use the right phrases when communicating short-term or long-term plans to your friends, family or colleagues
  • Talk about your weekend plans and about your next holiday adventures so you can spark interesting conversations with other English-speakers

WEEK 5 - Ask Interesting Questions Part 1

In the next two modules, you’ll learn about the FORD technique and how you can start using it to help you make small talk with other English-speakers. You’ll learn how to:


  • Easily make small talk with new friends and colleagues by being able to ask questions politely so you can instantly build long-lasting connections with them
  • Ask conversation-friendly questions that won’t accidently offend others or invade their privacy

WEEK 6 - Ask Interesting Questions Part 2

How often do you run out of words to say when you’re out socializing with a group of people? In this week, you’ll learn to use the FORD Technique that will help you ask conversation-starting questions in an easy-breezy way. In this module, you will:


  • Create your own set of questions that you can draw upon so that you can effortlessly start conversations with other English-speakers without stopping for too long to think of what to ask next
  • Learn how to ask interesting questions to keep the conversation flowing so you don’t sound ‘boring’ or repetitive

BONUS WEEK: Read Out Loud

The best way to expand your vocabulary is by reading. This week may look easy, but you’ll be surprised how both challenging and enlightening this task is. In this bonus week, you will:


  • Realise how many new words you’ll discover just by reading one paragraph of an article about current affairs (i.e. daily news)
  • Learn about intonation of words and pronunciation of words that you’re not used to saying out loud
  • Familiarise yourself with new-found words and use them in your everyday conversations
  • Continue building out your Personal Lexicon that you can refer to the next time you are out chatting with others in English. It will save you from those dreaded awkward silences.

Keep all the Materials (audio, video & templates)


Personal Review & Feedback

Discover the secret to making conversations in English even if you are a shy or introverted learner. Let’s get started!

Meet your coach

Milena is an online English coach and is passionate about simplifying English language for English learners so that they can become successful at work and in life.

She has a range of experience, from working in Banking, Insurance and Marketing to Information technology (IT Networks) and Procurement, and of course, Teaching!

Milena lives in Australia with her Chileno husband and loves anything podcasting and online coaching and is honoured to be supporting and guiding immigrants and globe-trotters from all over the world with her products, programs and coaching services.

What others say about Milena and her programs

I feel more confident speaking English, thank you for everything you do Milena!
Lesly, United States

For the first time I have confidence in speaking. I was nervous before. Thank you for your help Milena!

Carlos, Australia

I am learning so much, thank you Milena!
Rym, France

I could never pronounce words in the past tense correctly. After coaching with Milena, I feel more confident about my speaking. Thank you Milena!
Nicolás, Chile

What would life look like if you could speak English fluently and with confidence?

Let’s find out.

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