Is there a difference between Accents and Pronunciation? Yes, there is.

Can you think of some accents off the top of your head (sin pararse mucho a pensar)?

I can! My favourite accent is Spanish! When a Latino/a speaks English with a Spanish accent, it sounds so attractive and exotic. I think so. Don’t be afraid to have an accent, just focus on your pronunciation. Speak clearly.

Welcome to our first Episode of English Made Simple Podcast. I decided to make this my first podcast because I wanted to put you at ease (estar cómodo), don’t think you MUST speak with an American or British accent. It’s not necessary. I mean, just look at Antonio Banderas!

Enjoy this episode, chicos!


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Transcription, read below:

Hola Muchachos welcome to English made simple podcast this is episode 1 for Numero Uno.  welcome welcome welcome hello everybody it’s me Milena your host of English Made Simple podcast again greetings from Sunny Santiago it’s extremely hot today 34 degrees today which is unusual for Santiago. anyway I’m sitting here and recording this podcast and drinking lemonade it is so refreshing yum! so let me ask you this question….. let me start with a question do you feel conscience by your accent? the reason I ask is that this episode is going to be about accents and pronunciation.  I want to tell you that these two things accent and pronunciation are completely different things. So if you think about for example and Ricky Iglesias or Antonio Banderas they’re both famous, singer and actor they both have accents, they both can speak English perfectly but they have accents. The fact that they have Spanish accent when they are speaking English,…..  you know it sets them apart from other actors. So it actually works in their favour to have the accent it’s good for them to have the accent it makes them stand out from the competition.

So I just want to tell you that you should not worry about your accents too much well if you think about it there are so many different English accents in the world, just in the United States alone you have a southern accent, then from the East Coast, West Coast you’ve got an accent from Canada for example from New Zealand, from Australia, from the United Kingdom, inside the United Kingdom or UK, You have Scotland, Ireland, Wales, different regions and they all speak completely different. I have a friend from Scotland people from Scotland are called Scottish,  so I have a Scottish friend and he’s it’s really hard to understand him once he’s drunk it’s even harder to understand them he speaks perfect English but his accent is a little bit different it’s not something you hear everyday so you kind of have to get used to it which kind of leads me to the next point as you can tell I’ve also got an accent myself so you can use my accent as an example first of all I just want to say that I am proud of my accent I don’t want to get rid of my accent I want to keep my accent and I’ve had my accent for I had it for 20 years now so it kind of evolved over 20 years it used to be a little bit harder than now,  now it’s softer or suave en español,  soft and smooth and a lot of people think that I sound like I am from South Africa and South African accent is also a little bit smooth it’s not so harsh (duro).  So I just wanted to get my point across and tell you that you should not worry about your accents too much focus on the right pronunciation

So there we go  and just before we move on to the next episode I just want to say that having an accent is in fact a bonus Spanish accent indeed is one of the most sexiest accents in the world of I’ve read it recently in the newspapers so you should be proud of your own accent and this is your identity this is who you are I want to make sure that by knowing this you are feeling confident that you can still go ahead and learn English. So this is what I keep telling my students not to worry about the accent and just focus on the pronunciation. Anyway before we move on to the next episode I’m curious amigos, what is your favorite accent? I’m sure you’ve seen some movies, you listened to some songs. Is there a particular accent that you really like, like for example it could be a German accent, I don’t know Portuguese, German, English from UK, English from US…. yeah I’m curious to know I’ve got a Facebook group called English Made Simple and we are a small group but we are growing slowly. We would love to see you in this group and you can share your answers right there what is your favorite accent or if you have any other questions please ask them in the group we’ll be more than happy to help you out and the next episode will be about…. let me check Como mejorar tu confianza al hablar inglés, how to improve your confidence when you speaking English.

Hope you enjoy this episode share it with your friends, and let’s move on to the next one thank you guys again for joining in and speak soon! Ciao!

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