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This is Episode 2 of our Podcast

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Hola chicos! Welcome to English Made Simple Podcast, this is episode 2, Numero Dos. Yeah! Stop Dancing now!

Let’s tune into this episode my name is Milena. Thank you so much for joining in this is episode 2 of English Made Simple podcast and this episode is going to be about confidence building confidence when you’re learning English this applies to any language actually.  that you’re learning not just English because this is what I’ve been doing to build confidence with my Spanish so this episode is about, Como tener la confianza al hablar inglés OR Como mejorar tu confianza al hablar inglés.

So let’s continue so I understand when you’re learning a new language you feel frustrated you feel embarrassed when your trying to speak with the natives you feel scared yeah you have this fear of speaking and I know what that’s like because when I was in a Café I remember being in a Café and I couldn’t order a cup of coffee so I had to rely on my husband to order coffee for me.

It’s quite a simple task but yeah I was afraid to do it and after that I have decided I’m going to watch a lot of Spanish movies or Spanish TV for example for example I watch here chileno TV which is not very fun to watch. Anyway, yeah I decided to watch telenovelas and I thought, you know what, I’m stubborn by nature, this is my character and I’m thinking to myself This is my character I’m thinking to myself no I’m not going to go to a course of cut this book I’m going to read this book in Spanish I’m going to do this by myself I’m going to watch all these movies soap operas telenovelas and if you’re not a fan of telenovelas you are probably thinking oh my God what are you doing later what are you doing this is killing all your brain cells and it was true For a month I survived a month of telenovelas and I felt a lot stupid after that my telligence has dropped quite a bit anyway but what I found with these movies or telenovelas because they have a really simple story they are kind of repetitive and everybody’s words they repeat the scenes are kind of predictable you know what is going to happen before it happens so when the characters are speaking in Spanish I’m able to visualize to understand what they’re talking about so it was kind of kind of helpful so I recommend telenovelas for that reason but not for too long…

So I was a bit stubborn stubborn like a donkey because I thought I’m going to do this all by myself but I wasn’t progressing at all my confidence was still really low and I wasn’t speaking Spanish a lot and I was just listening and reading in Spanish so I’ve decided that, you know what, I’m going to enroll in a course, it’s a two-week course, 6 hours of Spanish a day and that was I think the best thing that I’ve done in Chile because as soon as I started taking the course there were other people who were in the same situation as me so I knew that I wasn’t alone and the classes were all in Spanish and same here when I was teaching in English all my classes were only in English and that’s really helpful when you’re learning another language is to have someone explain to you in that native language so I felt a lot confident after that. You know, so I was making a lot of mistakes in the class, and I was Of making mistakes in the class speaking to Professor’s but you know it help me improve my speaking skills.

So I’m just going to suggest how you can build up your confidence when you’re learning English and this is what worked for me here are three things you can do to improve your confidence: First one you can find  you can find an article a news article in English go to Google online, on the internet, go to news.com or news.com.au, I always read news.com.au I always follow Australian news so you can read some articles in English, well, what you could do next as my number 2 point is that you can select an article that you like take your phone out take your phone and start recording your voice read a couple of paragraphs from this article and record your voice and then have a listen afterwards and see how you sound when you are reading out loud. To read out loud means Hablar Fuerte y claro, y Grabar tu voz, And record your voice so make sure you record your voice so you can see how you sound when you’re speaking English you can test your pronunciation you can ask your friends if you have some friends as native speakers, ask them to read it out loud as well and then record them and then compare The pronunciations and you can also test your accent and see what your accent is like can you understand yourself when you’re listening to this recording when you listening to yourself can you understand what the article is about? that’s another thing.

Okay third point, I would recommend we all love to watch movies and let’s say you have a favourite movie pick a favorite movie, I don’t know Terminator, Transformers, Notebook if you are into romantic stuff, Star Wars if you like this scientific fantasy movies try to imitate one of your favourite actors in the movie okay don’t imitate Yoda because Yoda is…. Speaks, you know, very, very,  strange Set an down imitate Yoda select another character select the one that sounds normal try to imitate that character when they speak so you can test your pronunciation and you can also try to imitate  it and try to copy their accents If you want to mellow out your accents a little bit yeah and you could also use this opportunity to, again, record yourself as you are repeating some lines from the movie as you are repeating some quotes from the movie.

So these are my tips so far I’m going to share some more tips in the next episode,so I’m going to focus more on how to learn English if you are on a budget (presupuesto) so… you can’t afford a teacher, you can’t afford to go to a course, what else can you do? there will also be some more tips about building your confidence in those episode! So, thank you guys, so much for joining in, please don’t forget to go to my Facebook group English Made Simple, Join us let’s build a community together Let’s help each other out also go to my blog www.Englishmadesimple.net it will help you a lot, read some articles there you’re going to get some tips as well on this blog, and you might even get to read the transcript to this recording, uhm… to this podcast. Alrighty guys, thank you so much again! Until next time! Ciao!

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