Is Job Uncertainty Holding You Back From Moving to Australia or New Zealand?

Do you want a good life for yourself and your family but are too apprehensive about job prospects in Australia or New Zealand?


Is moving to another country something that you always wanted to do?

You’ve done the right things so far: obtained advice from a migration agent, spoke to someone at the embassy, convinced your spouse that moving to another country is the right path to take for the both of you, so you can improve your quality of life. You want to have freedom to take time off work and go on holidays whenever you want without the fear of losing your job while you’re away, you want to be able to take sick leave whenever you need to and get paid by your employer until you recover! And you want to look forward to growing old with your wife or husband because you can afford to retire. I hear ya. 

You are almost ready, but the only question that’s on your mind right now is:

“Will I be able to find a job in my profession to support me and my family?”

Don’t worry, I got your back.

This is why I created the Get Job Ready Program.

In this Online Program you will learn how to write and
customise your own Australian CV to each job application you send.


Learn about the best platforms to use to start searching for jobs in Australia and New Zealand


Learn how to make your CV attractive for the Aussie and Kiwi market so you beat the competition


Understand what exactly Aussie and Kiwi employers look for in a candidate to make you ready for job interviews


Start contacting recruiters and start applying for jobs in Australia or New Zealand

Read my story.

My name is Milena and I want to share my story with you…

When my family and I arrived in New Zealand in 1995, we were jobless.

Both Mum and Dad were qualified at the time (they are now retired, by the way!). They had years of experience behind them. Mum had a strong background in supply chain and Dad worked as a Systems Analyst for 20 years back home.

Mum and Dad knew their craft and their experience showed it. They had good education and they spoke intermediate English. Just enough to get by.

They migrated to New Zealand in search of a better life for their kids and for themselves, you know, some place they could retire.

Once in New Zealand, it took my Mum and Dad 2 years to find a permanent job.

Why that long? They were qualified but they didn’t get invited for job interviews. They didn’t know how to write their own CVs in English, how to write cover letters, how to answer job interview questions…and the list goes on.

They just didn’t know the recruitment process in New Zealand. They weren’t prepared at all.

I can tell you this, watching them go through all this was heartbreaking.

And it wasn’t just them struggling to get a job, it was their friends, too. The friends, who also had just made the move to New Zealand.

Now, let’s fast forward to 2017.

It took my husband 1 month to find a job in Australia.

Why do you think this is? I’ll tell you.

My husband had me to rely on. He had my expertise and guidance.

Because I’ve already been through this experience myself, both in Australia and New Zealand – I now want to make the process of finding a job in an English-speaking country super easy for you so you don’t have to struggle like my parents did.

This is why, I would like to invite you to join my 6 week online coaching program called Get Job Ready that will help you transform your CV and prepare you for the job market in Australia and New Zealand.

This program is for you if you are:


working towards a visa or have a visa already to work in Australia or New Zealand


unsure about how to start applying for work in Australia or New Zealand


planning to live & work in Australia or New Zealand


in Australia or New Zealand and you are qualified but don’t get invited for job interviews!


using Google Translator to translate your CV - a big NO NO!


proficient in English, have either an Intermediate level of English and/or you are able to hold a conversation in English

Here is how we make you more attractive to prospective Aussie and Kiwi employers



It’s important to learn how to identify your skills (and ultimately your strengths) and to know how to present them in your CV as this will help you stand out from the other candidates! I show you how this is done in Week 1.



In Week 4, we start working with a basic CV template. You will be populating the template with your skills, strengths, personal profile and career summaries, your past achievements and finally your past and present responsibilities.



It’s completely normal to boast about yourself inside Australian and Kiwi CVs. For some of us this doesn’t come naturally, but don’t worry as I share a formula on how to best write your job accomplishments for the CV.



In this week, we are going to learn where to start our job-hunt and we are also going to find one job that would match your skills. Using that one job we are going to learn how to customise our CVs to suit that job! We will learn how to spot job requirements to help us write an irresistible CV!



This is another important skill you’ll have to learn to write in your CVs. Being able to use the right action verbs to describe your past/present responsibilities in the CV will make you sound like you are a superhero and that you are the right man for the job!



The job hunt is on! It’s time to put everything we’ve learnt into practice. I will provide you with more platforms where you can go and search for jobs so you can start sending out your job applications!

This program is valued at $772!

What you get after completing the program:


CV designed and ready for use in Australia and New Zealand


Template Cover Letter to accompany your new Aussie CV


6 week personal coaching by Milena


3-5 potential jobs you can start sending your CV’s to


BONUS: Australian designed CV template for FREE - valued at $99


BONUS: Review of Your LinkedIn Profile, so you can be discovered by recruiters for FREE - valued at $89


BONUS: Top 100 Job Interview Questions so you can start preparing yourself for job interviews for FREE - valued at $199

Here is what Milena’s clients have to say…

I feel really grateful for the opportunity to participate in this course which helped me tremendously to prepare my CV to look for a job overseas. I feel much better now knowing that my CV is in a good shape to be considered by Australian employers :-)

This course not only helped me with my CV but it also helped me understand what employers look for, where to search for jobs and to see how in demanded my skills are in Australia! I now feel extremely fortunate by the couple of times I had the opportunity to talk to Milena through video calls. For anyone thinking of taking this course, I highly recommend it without a doubt!

Angel Tapia, Mexico

Development Manager

About three years ago, I decided to move to Australia from my home country Chile. I spoke to a migration agent who explained the process to me. One of the requirements for the skilled visa process was that I had to submit my CV to the Engineers of Australia.

This is when I approached Milena for help. Milena took a look at my CV and showed me how to rewrite it for the Australian market. My first intention was to translate my CV with Google Translator, but I am so happy that I didn’t! I got my visa, moved to Australia, and I used the same CV to apply for work. I was so happy when I got a job in my profession! I highly recommend the Get Job Ready Program, this is what helped me get a job in Australia! Thank you Milena!

Carlos Sanchez, Melbourne

Mechanical Engineer

You can’t expect to create a winning CV that will WOW employers in Australia and New Zealand by relying on Google Translator!

Get Started Today

Get Job Ready Mentorship - One to One Coaching with Milena

The ENTIRE 6 week program is valued at $772 – But you get it today for only $397!

That’s a 51% Saving!

The best investment you can make in yourself and for your career overseas

Or Get Started for Only $210 for 2 Months

By taking the Get Job Ready program you will have a CV that will show off your skills and experience! In only 6 weeks, you’ll have the CV that will make you look professional in front of the Australian and New Zealand employers.

Answers to Your Questions

Q: I'd like to join but I am not coming to Australia for another 6 months! Is this program for me?

A: Yes, absolutely! You will need an average of three months before you secure a job in Australia, so the sooner you start getting ready the sooner you’ll get a job! You need to be ready to send out CV’s at least a month before you arrive so you can at least secure a job interview!

Q: Milena, I haven't got a CV, can I still do the program?

A: This program will be perfect for you! We first start by identifying your skills, writing down your achievements at work (or at a University) and then we start populating a CV template which you can then use to customise to each job you want to apply for.

Q: Surely you must be a recruitment agent Milena?

A: I am not a recruitment agent, but I have contacts with recruitment agents that I can refer you to. This program is to get you ready so when you sit with a recruitment agent or a hiring manager you really wow their socks off!

Q: This all sounds great, but I can't afford it right now. Do you offer payment plans?

A: Sure thing! There is a payment plan available which you can use to pay in 2 easy monthly installments of $210 (The little bit extra in the payment plan covers payment processing fees). Simply click on the button that says Payment Plan. I also have a 14-day money back guarantee policy in case you are not completely satisfied with the program.

Q: You live in Australia but you charge for your coaching in US dollars, why?

A: This is because I work with clients globally, across various countries and the unique currency for us to work in is the US dollar. It’s the common currency for all of us around the world.

Q: This sounds interesting, Milena but I have never done an online program before, so I am unsure if this is for me.

A: I hear ya! This is a self-paced program which means you can do it from anywhere, even from the comfort of your own home in pajamas! Basically, you will need an hour of focus time for some tasks that require a bit of thinking, like writing down your achievements! But remember, you are not alone here, you will have priority access to me in case you get stuck! If you are not completely satisfied with the program, I have a 14-day money back guarantee as a peace of mind.

Yes, I So Need to Get Job Ready in Australia and New Zealand!


Payment Plan Available - 2 easy payments of only $210

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Milena Vujnic

Milena Vujnic

Host of the English Made Simple Podcast

Milena is an online coach for migrants coming to Australia or New Zealand, and is passionate about helping migrants become successful at work and in life.

She has a range of experience, from working in Banking, Insurance and Marketing to Information technology (IT Networks) and Procurement.

Milena lives in Australia with her Chileno husband and loves anything podcasting and online coaching and is honoured to be supporting and guiding immigrants from all over the world with her products, programs and coaching services.

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Your Last Chance to Get Job Ready in Australia and New Zealand for only $397 (USD)

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