An exciting new episode by English Made Simple Podcast, this episode will be a two parter – en dos partes. The second part being episode about Duolingo!

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Transcription, read below:

Welcome to another episode of English made simple this episode is a very special episode because I’m recording it in a city of Viña del Mar it’s a beautiful city close to Santiago and here I am with my friend Casa Silva.

My friend Casa Silva is actually wine, red wine Vino Tinto. It’s from a very special region around Santiago somewhere eeeh the region call Jumbo it’s a local supermarket where I bought this wine from and here we are …. we are recording this together we are here to help you learn English for free.

So before I begin with my tips for learning English for free I would like to say in the last episode I described my personality as being stubborn so I just wanted to explain what stubborn is in spanish when I said I am stubborn I meant Soy Terca, terca como un burro hehe for example. so how do we spell this word is STUBBORN and I will put it in the notes so you can go and check it out or go and see it and you can go to the website read the transcript to this podcast and listen at the same time this is a good idea guys. Alright so how do we learn English for free, Como Aprender Ingles Gratis I’ve got some tips for you now I think I have 7 tips I am not sure but we are going to start with a tip number one and then we can all count together how about that….

Tip number one how do we learn English for free is by Watching Movies this is what helped me in the past so find out some movies that you like and if you have a digital TV you can remove the subtitles, hide the subtitles, and watch the movies without the subtitles so you can just observe and listen I think this is quite a helpful tip. what I would also suggest if you can take a piece of paper with you and a pen and just listen to the movie watch and listen to the movie and write down some words that you here because later you can go and find them online. Find the meaning of this word. Look it up in the dictionary, use the dictionary or use the Google translator and find out what these words mean and I guarantee that you will learn some new words just by doing that.

So as you can see it’s not really that hard you don’t have to spend a lot of money for this you don’t have to have private teacher OR  go to a course and pay for a course it’s right there in front of you. So when you pick a movie, and let’s imagine you are going to watch a movie let’s imagine you were going to watch a movie with your boyfriend or your girlfriend and they ask you what are you doing why are you taking your pen and this piece of paper! We are just watching a movie what are you doing? This is just a movie! so you should just tell them to shut up!!  tell him to shut the hell up!!  who the hell are you to tell me what I need to do. Basically tell them Callate! Callate! I need to learn English this is my way of learning English so that’s a good way to learn English this is what I tell my husband all the time Callaté! Haha

Let’s move on to the next step which is tip number 2 – sing your favorite song to find a song that you like for example you can if you like Justin Bieber he’s got really really easy lyrics to learn, to memorize and yeah just go with one song. Try to memorize it and find some words that you don’t understand then go and find the dictionary go online user Google translator and find out the meaning of these words and soon enough or you’ll quickly find out what the song is about just by doing that. this is what helped me before because in my… from my experience I well I grew up with listening to heavy metal and rock and roll a lot so I grew up with Metallica songs for example And I memorized most of the Metallica songs… now there are some things in there that you should never say to your mother or to anyone really it’s not something you can use everyday in your everyday conversations but hey it’s it sounds really cool haha so I memorized all these lyrics One example is from this album Justice for All Things the line was and the line was, Hammer of Justice Crushes You so in this example I mean the Hammer of Justice crushes you I mean to me this has no sense the hammer is actually in Spanish “Martillo”  Justice is “justicia” so I can just imagine what this means but it’s not something you that can use everyday really but it’s nice to know hahah  

Aall right so number three tip is language exchange meetups you can go to meetups punto (dot) com and find some local meet-ups in your city it’s a website that that has a lot of different groups with common interests. For example I need to practice my Spanish I basically I go to and I just simply search for Spanish meetups in Santiago for example because I want to practice my Spanish and there’s some people there who want to practice their English so this is called language exchange meet up and it is the same in Australia and New Zealand if you want to learn English there or if you want to meet some native speakers you can go to and find the group you can find a group in any any type of any type of category really not just language exchange can find groups in running or cooking anything you like so this is one way to practice your speaking skills I will put the web site details in the notes so you can go and easily find this website. I highly recommend it. but it’s my tip number 1 2 3 number 3 number four tip number four very simple.. online resources…you can use your online resources like websites, social networks, like Facebook groups, you can go onto YouTube videos and just go and search for some English phrases for example or English grammar, English present tense, just type it in the search field and I am 100% sure that you will find something that will be really really helpful to you guys. so this is a really really good tip use online resources go online and find something to help you learn English…. okay which brings me to the next point which is listening.

Listening to podcast, audio books for example, now you can listen and read at the same time this is the case with podcasts Now for some podcasts like this one are you listening now you will be able to find transcripts which is “transcripciones” You can find transcripts online you can listen to the podcast and read the transcripts at the same time and then you will pick up some new words. how great is that! I think it’s awesome! I think it’s amazing! now if you don’t really like audio books you can go to the library and find the book in English… personally I like to buy magazines because they have pictures and I like to connect pictures with words and this I find really helpful when I’m learning another language so that’s another useful tip for you guys!

And lastly I think it’s number 7 but if you want you can listen to this show again and then count and let me know I think it’s number 7….. my number 7 tips for learning English for free is to record yourself take your smartphone, find an app or aplicacion find an app where you can record your voice grabar tu voz now if you have a book or a magazine you can read something out loud and record your voice and then listen to your pronunciation…. play it back and listen to your pronunciation…. how do you sound when you speak English. I think this is a great tip. and this actually leads me to the end of the show.

I want to thank you again for joining me I hope you found this really useful and if you have any other tips you want to recommend to our listeners please let us know.

Go to Facebook group which is called English Made Simple or go to the website You will find some more useful tips there but you are welcome to send me a message and recommend some new tips and you can also recommend some topics (temas) for the show the next show all right until then the guys thank you so much for joining in and I will see you next time. Ciao Ciao!


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