[316] Learn English Exploring New Zealand’s South Island



In this episode of The English Made Simple Show, we embark on a journey to the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand’s South Island. I’ll introduce you to some Maori words, starting with Aotearoa, the Maori name for New Zealand. Join me as we explore the stunning scenery and learn why every corner of the South Island is perfect for a selfie. Enjoy the show!

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Transcript Snapshot (Learn English Exploring the South Island)


Hey guys! You’re listening to the English Made Simple Show! This is episode number 316, number three hundred and sixteen, numero trescientos dieciséis.

You’re tuning in to the English Made Simple Show, and as always, I’m your host, Milena.

Welcome back amigos! Welcome back to the show, this is episode number 316 where we are going to be learning about the beautiful landscape of the South Island all the way to New Zealand or in the Maori language it’s Aotearoa. When you live in New Zealand you get to pick up some Maori words. And this is the first word you’ll learn.

Alrighty, so welcome back to the EMS show.

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Today’s episode is going to be easy peasy, easy peasy japanes-ey!

You know what else is easy peasy?

Finding the best spot for a selfie in New Zealand!

It’s true! Everywhere you go in the South Island, you just want to take a selfie.

Oki doki amigos.

Let me start off by asking you a question:

Have you ever wanted to visit a place so beautiful that it feels like you’re in a dream?

Well, my friends, that’s exactly what the South Island of New Zealand is like.

By the way, I just used an English expression – a place that feels like a dream.

To feel like a dream means something so beautiful or surreal that it seems almost magical. And trust me, the landscapes of the South Island are just that – magical.

So, back to my question: Have you ever dreamed of visiting a place like this?

And here’s a trivia question for you…

Do we say… ‘have you ever dreamed of’ or ‘have you ever dreamt of’?

Ha, this one’s a tricky question!

And the answer is… depends where you are.

Both words are the past tense of ‘dream’, to dream. So, ‘Dreamt’ is more common in the UK, while ‘dreamed’ is more common in other English-speaking countries, including the U.S.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, let’s carry on with today’s show.

Just two weeks ago, I was in Queenstown, a gorgeous town surrounded by majestic mountains and stunning lakes. Queenstown is a small town with a population of around 130,000 residents, located in the south of the South Island. It’s hard to describe it, the landscape and the nature was just breath-taking. It was definitely an experience I’ll never forget. And I might go back for more, it’s only two and a half hours from Melbourne.

I have another question for you, amigos y amigas…


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Milena Vujnic

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