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[297] My Two Passions + Workplace English

[297] My Two Passions + Workplace English

Hola amigos, today’s episode is about me talking about my two passions. I also introduce you to my next episode that’s going to take place together with my twin sister Jovana. Jovana is the founder at Bumper Leads and I’m going to bring her to the show to tell us about the typical business phrases she uses in her workplace. Enjoy! :)

[296] How To Write Emails For Work – Part 3

[296] How To Write Emails For Work – Part 3

Hey guys, today we learn how to write emails for work. Today you’ll learn how to close your emails. How to write the closing paragraph. Enjoy today’s episode :)


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Hi! I'm Milena!

Nice to meet you! That’s my voice you hear on this podcast. I am an online English coach and I am passionate about simplifying English learning for non-English speakers who struggle to make conversation.

I inspire and motivate learners so they can feel confident speaking with others in English.

Are you ready to start learning? Let’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, amigos y amigas!

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