At The Doctor

The main objective of this audiobook is help you speak English clearly when you’re at the doctor’s. Expressing how you feel to the doctor is very important so they are able to diagnose you correctly.

This invaluable audiobook is part of the English Made Simple Playbook Series. Learn all the English phrases you need to know when visiting a doctor overseas, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US, UK, & other English-speaking countries.


Speak English clearly when visiting a doctor.

This audiobook contains the following topics:

  •  Vocabulary - Learn the names of body parts. Very important to know if you have to show you have physical pain on your body.
  •  How to book an appointment over the phone (or in-person) - you'll find the phrases to help you with this!
  •  Main scenario: What happens when a patient visits the doctor. What phrases should the patient use? Learn them all when you buy this audiobook.
  •  Common phrases or complaints that the patient might say if they are experiencing pain in a part of a body
  •  Common phrases a patient might use when describing their complaint or symptoms
  •  The doctor asks questions to learn more about pain or other symptoms reported by the patient
  •  These are some common phrases a doctor may use when explaining the physical exam maneuvers to the patient
  •  These are some common phrases a doctor may use when closing the appointment

Who is this audiobook for?

This book is a must-have if you live in an English-speaking country. The phrases you find in this book will prepare you for your next visit to the doctor.

Expressing how you feel or describing the pain to the doctor is very important so that they are able to diagnose you correctly.

Avoid awkward moments if you can't describe pain on a certain part of your body! Save yourself from embarrassing moments!

The book will help you become confident whenever you're explaining how you feel to the doctor, accurately describing the pain you feel.

You'll find this book helpful if you've immigrated to Australia, Canada, the US, the UK and other English-speaking country.

"I wish I had something like this available when I moved to Australia!" ~ The English Made Simple podcast host, Milena.

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