Check out these tools that help me run English Made Simple Podcast.



Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Satin Red – This is the microphone I use now. It works like a charm!

And this Logitech headset was the first ever microhone I used (from episode 000-070). It’s ok when you’re starting out but it’s not the best if you want to sound like a pro.

Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone – This small and light microphone is amazing when travelling. Every time I travel around Australia I take this mic with me! It has an amazing sound quality!

Rode PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm – I’m so glad I bought this microphone stand. It’s extremely versatile. I’ve used it on three different desks. Worked perfectly! It’s also easy to travel with, it’s really light.

Pop Filter For Blue Yeti Microphone – 6-inch – Eliminates The Thudding From B and P Sounds Hitting The Microphone – this is the best thing I could buy as an accessory to my blue yeti mic. The Pop filter blocks strong sounds such as the ones you hear from words starting with “S” or “B”. It also blocks the loud breathing or inhaling. I used to edit this out but with this little pop blocker, I don’t need to spend extra time editing my episodes! A very useful accessory!

Blue Yeti USB Microphone + Knox Studio Arm and Pop Filter – here is the complete stand with microphone and the pop filter. You can get this from Amazon. Easy peasy.



Logitech HD 1080P Pro Stream Webcam C922 – The best camera for online video streaming. It automatically adjusts the background from dark to light. So you don’t have to worry if your room is dark! The microphone on this camera is not bad as well.



Audacity – if you plan on starting your own podcast, having the right audio editing software is a must! We all start on a shoe-string budget, this is why I love Audacity. It’s an open source platform developed by a group of volunteers helping you jump start your podcast.


Acuity Scheduling – I highly recommend Acuity if you want to schedule meetings with students. It can integrate with Zoom (for video calling) and many other online tools. It’s extremely easy to use. Start by clicking on Business Settings link. Everything will make sense after that :)

Zoom video – This is the only tool I use for video calls. Say goodbye to Skype :)

Resources for English Learners who want to study from home



Essential Grammar in Use with Answers and Interactive eBook: A Self-Study Reference and Practice Book for Elementary Learners of English – I am a big fan of Raymond Murphy’s English reference books. I highly recommend his books for beginner English learners.

English Grammar in Use Book with Answers: A Self-Study Reference and Practice Book for Intermediate Learners of English – This is a great book for intermediate learners (B1-B2) who want to test their knowledge of English grammar.

Advanced Grammar in Use with Answers: A Self-Study Reference and Practice Book for Advanced Learners of English – For learners who can converse in English with other English-speakers but need to learn more complex grammar to make them more fluent, I recommend this book by Matthew Hewings.



IELTS Prep Set: 2 Books + Online – After coaching so many students in IELTS I found that the best way to prepare for the exam is by doing a lot of practice! In this bundle you’ll get two books of prep plus online exercises.

TOEFL Prep Set: 2 Books + Online – TOEFL exam is also all about doing practice exams. In this book + audio bundle, you’ll get the right strategies to be successful in taking TOEFL.

IELTS Prep Plus 2019-2020: 6 Academic IELTS + 2 General Training IELTS + Audio + Online – This is a complete set for both Academic and General IELTS exams. Simply follow their advice and complete online exercises to prepare you for IELTS.

IELTS Speaking Increase Your Score to 8 – here you’ll discover strategies that will help you raise your IELTS speaking score to 8.



English Prepositions Explained by Seth Lindtstromberg – a comprehensive book on English prepositions and prepositional phrases. A must for anyone who is stuck on understanding use of prepositions. This book is also a great reference for ESOL teachers.



English Phrasal Verbs in Use Intermediate Book with Answers – this book will help you understand how to use phrasal verbs. It’s suitable for intermediate learners or learners who want to refresh their knowledge of phrasal verbs.

For English learners, online teachers, future podcasters & other awesome online citizens.

Online Courses on Udemy

Click on the image below to browse courses you could take now to begin your own online journey.

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The EMS Website is built with Divi

This is the only WordPress Theme I recommend. I’m self-taught using Divi. It’s such an easy- to-use builder. It’s visual with a drag and drop functionality. If I can use it, anyone can!

Divi WordPress Theme

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Free Kindle Books on Amazon

More Kindle Books on Amazon


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