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This is a new segment of the English Made Simple Podcast called Short and Sweet (in 5 mins or less)! It will be released midweek, every Wednesday, and it will be packed with valuable information to help you with your English learning. I hope you enjoy this introduction to Short and Sweet :)



You’re listening to English Made Simple; this is episode thirty-one, numero 31!

Welcome and make yourselves comfortable. How are you, hows your week going so far? I hope it’s going well. Welcome to the very first midweek English Made Simple, it is going to be released twice a week from now on. I hope these mini episodes (I like to call them mini episodes) will help you with your English learning. So I have decided to call this segment of the show Short and Sweet in five minutes or less. It’s a long name for a short and sweet episode,

Well in today’s short episode I will explain what to actually expect of this mini episode and also explain what the actual phrase short and sweet means, let me introduce myself first. My name is Milena for those of you who are joining us for the first time. Welcome guys and welcome to those who are joining us for the thirty first time. OK, Very exciting stuff.

So as requested by you, my awesome podcast listeners, apparently you wanted more of English Made Simple which is awesome! Thanks to your amazing reviews and you’re amazing feedback. I have decided to launch a new segment called short and sweet – dulce y breve or breve y dulce.


Why call it short and sweet?

It’s actually short and sweet in five minutes or less but why did I decide to call this short and sweet? Well, did you know that short and sweet is actually a commonly used phrase by native speakers? Yes! According to weon inteligente Or Cambridge dictionaries online, short and sweet is an informal expression and it means surprisingly short in a way that is pleasing for example: This morning’s meeting was short and sweet. Yeah? That’s weon inteligente!

But my explanation of short and sweet is – you know let’s keep the information short concise and to the point, directo y al hueso. That’s my explanation of short and sweet. So every Sunday or that’s Australian Sunday, we will have our normal segment of English Made Simple where we cover a little bit of grammar, little bit of English expressions, phrasal verbs.  Let’s call it technically boring but fun segment of English grammar OK. It also includes transcriptions, sometimes I give you homework on Sundays or let’s see… I’ll try and give you homework more regularly.

And so every Wednesday or Thursday depends what country you happen to be in. We’re going to have these mini episodes, these short and sweet in five minutes or less, so we’re going to have a topic or a theme that will be useful to you either lifestyle wise, mindset wise, some parts will be about what helped me learn English in the past, my struggles and how I overcame them.

Maybe some funny and interesting moments I encounter during the day, Other times it will be books or courses I recommend for English learners either for beginners or advanced or for those who are doing the exams or conversations I had during the day that will be of interest to you, some new slang I heard through my friends or through reading interesting stuff online. Basically what’s new in the English speaking world that is worth mentioning and sharing with you all!!


I want to share something that’s going to be useful to you. That’s my number one priority. You have to learn something from each of my episodes.


So specifically in five minutes or less you should have something tangible. You should have learned something new that will be of use to you that will be helpful to you. That’s the goal of the short and sweet.

I will prepare transcriptions for these episodes, they will be available on Check out the website!


I’ve been listening to a lot of other podcasts and thinking about how I can improve my one, what value can I offer my students? Well my mission is to reach one million students if you remember from my story. My mission is to reach one million students and if each one of you can refer one of your friends and then they refer one of their friends to English Made Simple, then I’m one step closer to achieving my mission. OK,

So just to recap, just to summarize. This was a welcome to the short and sweet in five minutes or less episode this is a mini episode. It’s a long name for something that’s going to be short right! Guys let’s keep in touch and Facebook, join my Facebook group or contact me via my website in I also have an Instagram account @englishmadesimple, I haven’t been extremely active on Instagram but I will be. So it’s time for nutella and a glass of wine. So if you will excuse me. I shall see you on Sunday, Hasta la proxima!

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