Learn English At The Supermarket – Part 2

Hey guys, we are still at the supermarket! Woohoo! Learn some useful phrases and expressions when you find yourselves at the supermarket or other shops. Enjoy :)


Hey guys, you are listening to English Made Simple this is episode # 81, ochenta y uno.
Hey hey, what’s up? what’s happening muchachos? Que onda?

Welcome to English made simple, my name is Milena from www.englishmadesimple.net

Hope you had an awesome Valentine’s Day on the 14th February. I almost forgot about it until my husband bought flowers ….. from the supermarket. O M G, of all places, the supermarket, I guess, he was inspired by my last episode and he was trying to be romantic…. but I wanted chocolates goddamnit.

I hope you were also inspired by the last episode, I hope I inspired you to go and buy some nutella haha

Righto. In today’s short and sweet episode we are going to cover some commonly used phrasal verbs in the supermarket and not just the supermarket but also other stores, and maybe we will learn a couple of new words, who knows? Stick around!

I also wanted to mention other things you could find at the supermarket, and I will also share 1 important tip when it comes to selecting your groceries at the shop, tienda in Spanish.

Generally speaking I don’t have the patience to go shopping anymore, I mean shopping for clothes or shoes, you know, especially shopping for white goods or appliances, like stove, fridge, washing machine and so on. White goods In Spanish is productos de linea blanca.

It’s really boring to go and shopping for fridges and washing machines, you know what I mean?

I used to enjoy shopping for clothes in my younger days, in my 20’s that is, but now I prefer window shopping instead. Window shopping is a term that means that you don’t intend to buy something but you simply want to look at the items ‘products’ from the outside, you’re looking at the items that are on display in shop windows. That’s what window shopping is. You don’t physically enter the shop In Spanish this is vitrinear.

Let’s begin there is a lot to cover today!

So guys, what else can we buy from the supermarket? We covered a lot in the last episode…

Apart from flowers, we can also buy vitamins or supplements, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D or Vitamin E and so on.

The word Vitamin has two pronunciations – you can either say Vitamin or Vitamin.
In Australia, you can also buy clothes at the supermarket. In fact, it’s cheaper to buy it from there than going to a normal retail store, this is a good option for somebody who is on a budget.
This is an English expression, on a budget – and in Spanish this would be something like ahorrando dinero.

[On a budget] – If someone is on a budget it means that they are trying to save money, they don’t have a lot of money to spend on things they don’t need, people who are on a budget don’t live extravagantly. They have to save money.

And something else guys, in the last episode, I forgot to mention one section of the supermarket called Dairy. That’s another important section of the supermarket. Duh! I forgot about it, so I will use short and sweet to explain this.

Dairy is spelt as D A I R Y.

Dairy is a place where you can find things like milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter and so on. When I go to the dairy section I always end up buying one brand of milk, I don’t have patience to look at all the brands on the shelf. There is just so many to choose from! So I only go for one brand of milk.
Brand is marca in Spanish.

I used a phrasal verb here, if you haven’t noticed, End Up – meaning eventually I will choose one brand of milk. Meaning, in the end I always choose one brand of milk.

Great, that’s covered.
Awesome! Now.

Some useful phrasal phrasesto be aware of or to know in the supermarket are:

Out of Stock – this means that shop doesn’t have any stock to sell, any items to sell, any products to sell. I go mental when the supermarket is out of stock of nutella. Arrrgh, I go crazy!

Another useful phrasal verb for you guys:

Run out of something – I’ve run out of nutella the other day, I need to buy more. I have run out of milk. There is no more milk in the fridge, need to get some more milk. I have run out.

This one is quite important to know, very useful to know… to run out of something.

Most of the time when I go to the supermarket, I usually see some items on sale.

When something is on sale, when an item is On Sale – it means that the price has been reduced, there is a discounted price on this item. It means you are getting a bargain.

According to weon inteligente or the online dictionary, a bargain as a noun means – getting an item at a lower price than it’s original value. You are getting bargain.

For example, $20 for this Armani jacket? Wow that’s a bargain! I am getting a good deal here. It’s a bargain! Wow awesome!

And lastly, when you are at the checkout or cashier – I think in the US they say cashier, but I could be wrong, nonetheless, they mean the same thing, so you will need to pay for your goods, for your items..when you are at the checkouts.

The checkout operator will ask you: How would you like to pay for your groceries? By credit card or by cash?

To Pay by – basically means method of payment, how do you want to pay for your goods…Cool? Awesome!

Here’s a tip from me when you go to the supermarket: Always read the label on the back of each product for the BEST Before Dates and Expiry Dates. In Spanish it is fecha de vencimiento.
Always buy fresh foods otherwise, you can end up with tummy issues, or stomach bugs or even food poisoning. Yuck! And then you have to see Dr. Jones! You don’t want that. You don’t want to see Dr. Jones.

Another polite way to say you have food poisoning is simply to say you have tummy issues or indigestion. Tummy is another word for stomach. It’s a cute way to say stomach…a tummy. In Spanish this is un bicho en tu estomago o en tu guatita.

Whoa, so many words, let’s stop now, shall we? Stop. I will let you absorb all of this, take it all in and if you have to listen to this episode again to help you remember the words, do it!

And that’s it for now amigos. You’ve been an awesome audience as always thanks for joining me in today’s short and sweet episode, episode number 81, wooohoo! Remember you can also listen to the English Made Simple Podcast on Soundcloud! If you found today’s episode useful please share it with your friends. More cool stuff coming your way next week. Have a great week.
Hasta la vista!

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