English Expressions To Do With Peace, Beach and Space



Today we learn English expressions to do with Peace, Space and Beach. Native speakers use these expressions regularly, I also use them and now it’s time for you to learn them and use them. Enjoy :)


Hello there amigos y amigas – Greetings from across the galaxy and welcome to the English Made Simple show, this is episode #95, numero noventa y cinco.

Living in Australia is like living in outer space, far far away from everywhere, it’s like living in another galaxy.

Hi everyone, welcome to the Short and Shweet episode, I mean Short and sweet segment of the English Made Simple show, my name is Milena from Englishmadesimple.net and you are listening to episode number #95, say Wha??? We are approaching episode #100 woohoo! I am over the moon!

Welcome everyone, to my regular listeners you might have noticed that I am now releasing the show twice per week during weekdays so it is now released on a Monday and a Wednesday – Australian time.

The word Weekday describes the working week – the days in the working week like, Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri – they are all weekdays – and weekends are just Saturdays and Sundays.

So now that that’s clarified we are now ready to launch into today’s episode.

What I normally like to do for Short and Sweet episodes is introduce you to some common English expressions and sometimes phrasal verbs, I want to share expressions that are often spoken by native speakers and that I, myself, tend to use on a regular basis as well.

Today’s episode will be a blast! Today’s episode will be out of this world amigos! Lots of new phrases and words for you to learn today.

So, I was looking for some expressions that will be linked to the previous episode, so if you are new to this show I suggest you listen to episode #94 before you listen to this one. Everything will make sense. Ok? So, I was looking for something to do with sheep – the domestic animal that lives on the farm, and something to do with space (espacio) and the universe and lastly something to do with the word beach…playa in Spanish.

So I already used one phrase earlier in my introduction just now, I said: today’s episode will be out of this world – this is an informal saying and it means – extremely enjoyable, it will be awesome, that’s what it means – it’s out of this world!

That was your first expression, now let’s move on to a few more expressions for today

The second expression for today.

Over the moon – when you are over the moon you are extremely pleased about something, you are very happy about something.

For example: Juan was over the moon with his IELTS score – he was very pleased with the mark he received for his IELTS test.

And me, I am over the moon that this is episode #95. Oh my god how exciting!

Right, the next expression! The next expression is…

Once in a blue moon – I use this expression a lot, sometimes even sarcastically.

When something happens once in a blue moon, it means that it might happen once after a very long time, it doesn’t happen that often or it almost never happens. It happens very seldom. A-ha! Seldom, new for you guys, it just means rarely, not often – no muy a menudo o a veces in Spanish.

Once in a Blue Moon expression is equivalent to the Spanish expression, which goes like this: Una vez a las quiñentas o casi nunca.

For example: I wash my car once in a blue moon. Meaning I rarely wash my car… not that often!
Another example from my husband, he volunteered to give an example: Oh Milena went to the gym today wow, unbelievable, that only happens once in a blue moon.

Right, thanks!

The next expression…

It’s enough of this space talk I think it’s time to come back down to earth.
Back to our normal agenda for today.

Expression number 4. I think it is the number 4. I can only count till 5. So this better be number 4.

Peace of mind – without worry or guilt, without hassles and problems.

For example: Let’s imagine you are about to buy a car: Before you buy the car, you need to check that the car is in a good condition so that once you buy it you will have a peace of mind. You will not worry about anything going wrong with the car. That’s what (to have) peace of mind means.

In Spanish this is: tener la conciencia tranquila o estar con la conciencia tranquila.

Next expression amigos, what number are we up to? I lost count… Oh well, let’s just keep going shall we?

Life’s a beach – not life’s a bitch. But it can be both sometimes you know haha.

Life’s a beach, it’s used to describe when things are going well in your life, when things are simply ideal without any dramas, without you know telenovelas, for example….

Let me give you an example: Hey Milena how’s work going? And I say: You know, can’t complain, life’s a beach. Everything is going well.

You know you can say this expression as Life’s a bitch – bitch with a short ‘I’ sound when you are really angry or disappointed. You can use….you can say bitch with a short I sound. By the way, this is informal guys so only use it with your friends.

Life’s a bitch. If things are not going according to plan, you can use this expression after an unpleasant or unfortunate event in your life.

For example, my friend Ana tells me: Hey Milena, I just lost my job and my boyfriend left me, I am so sad…. And I say to Ana: Damn, life’s a bitch. Shit happens. C’est la vie, that’s life.

I’m not a good friend am I? I should say something else to Ana but we only have 5 minutes here and I need to record this episode.

So let’s move onto the next expression!

The next expression guys…

Peace out – I used it in my last episode, this is an informal farewell – it means goodbye and see you later. If you are a fan of rap music, like if you are a fan of Tupac, Jay Z or Eminem you will notice they use this type of a farewell – they go: peace out playas.

Listen up my padawans, before we finish I have a couple of more Star Wars phrases to share with you.

So how many expressions did I share with you? I forgot, I am really bad at counting. If you have to listen to this episode again, I suggest you do that.

We are about to end today’s episode but I want to end it with a popular quote from Yoda himself, he says: Do or Do not, there is no Try. Do or Do not, there is no try.

If you’ve enjoyed today’s episode please share it with other padawans who may also find it helpful.

“May the Force be with you – Thank you for listening to the English Made Simple show, I now leave you in peace. And remember, Yoda will always be with you.

Until next time amigos, hasta la proxima.

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