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Today I share one tip to help you expand your vocabulary. Plus I share four English expressions to do with the words ‘negative’ and ‘opposite’: Fat chance, I couldn’t care less, Go off, Opposites attract.
Enjoy :)

Links mentioned:

Opposite Word – a search platform and a database containing opposite meanings of words also known as antonyms.

Episode #113 – Learn more expressions: When Pigs Fly, No Way José


Hey amigos y amigas, you are listening to the English Made Simple Show, this is episode number 1-1-5 or (one hundred and fifteen), numero ciento quince.

Yo, yo how is it going? I hope you are goood. Hope you are doing well. I am more positive today. I am not feeling much better today!

Welcome guys and girls, welcome to the short and sweet segment of the show where we focus on some English expressions, phrasal verbs and whatever fun topics come to mind. My name is Milena from www.englishmadesimple.net.

And I will try not to go off topic today, I have to refer to my notes and make sure I stick to them.

Let’s dive straight into it, let’s get crackin’ as they say in Australian English! In other words, let’s begin.

Today I will share 4 English expressions that have something to do with the words “negative and opposite.” And I will also share a tip.. My top tip for today! It’s actually a website, where you can go and easily check the antonyms of certain words. It’s like a Google search for Antonyms. The website is called Opposite Word and I will share a link to this website in the transcriptions and also in my Facebook group so you can check it out.

So how about I start with expressions. The first two expressions are informal and sarcastic. Sarcasm my favourite type of humour.

Alright, expression number 1, numero uno.

* Fat chance – I don’t know why people say fat chance when the meaning is slim chance.

The antonym for fat is slim or thin. In Spanish fat means gordo and slim means flaco.

Fat chance expression is a sarcastic remark meaning there is a low likelihood of something happening. There is very little or no possibility of something happening.

Also other similar expressions that mean the same are: No way José, No chance in hell, when pigs fly.

We already covered the meaning of these ones in episode #113, so you can go back and check it out. Well the expression: Fat Chance is also in the same category.

For example: Perhaps, Milena will do the dishes tonight. And Milena says, Fat chance my friend. No way José.

The next expression….

I couldn’t care less about the dishes. That’s you next expression, guys.

* I couldn’t care less – When you say “I couldn’t care less” it means you don’t care at all about something.

For example: My husband asks me: Hey, Milena what movie do you want to watch, the one with Nicholas Cage or the one with Sylvester Stalone? And I say, just pick one, I couldn’t care less which movie you pick. They will both suck. Chilean expression is “no estoy ni ahí”

Ok so those two were informal expressions, use them with your friends.
Now, let’s be serious. Time for some serious expressions. Let’s see how long I last being serious. Haha The following 2 expressions are good to know as well.

* Go off – the first expression is actually a phrasal verb. Two words here. The words go and off.

These two words have many different meanings.

But the meaning I am thinking of, that I wanted to share with you today is – to make a sound or noise.

Every morning my alarm goes off at 7am.

Every morning at 7am my alarm beeps, it’s time for me to wake up. At 7am!

And the final expression for today is

* Opposites attract – could be used in many different scenarios, but the one I am thinking of is when it comes to relationships and dating. Two people can be completely different from each other but for some reason they are attracted to each other. They are drawn to each other.

In Spanish this would be something like “los opuestos se atraen.”

I am going to use famous people and movie characters to demonstrate the meaning of this expression.

One classic example, that I wanna share with you: the Beauty and the Beast – two opposite characters who are in love with each other. La Bella y la bestia… Another one was…
Spider-man – Peter and Mary-Jane, the classic nerd guy-popular girl combo. Two opposites.
Star Wars, the movie – Princess Leah and Hansolo, Yoda and Chewbacca haha. Ok not the last two, Yoda and Chewbaca they were not in love, nah!

So now….amigos, I will share my top tip with you when it comes to learning English and expanding your vocabulary.

Do you ever see or hear a word and wonder…hmm… What’s the opposite meaning of that word? For example, the word: beautiful. What’s the opposite of beautiful…it’s the word ugly. The antonym for beautiful is “ugly.”

So the website I shared with you in the beginning of today’s episode is called Opposite Word and it helps you quickly find the antonyms of specific words, whatever you decide to search for. It’s like a Google search of antonyms.

My tip for you today is to always check antonyms and synonyms for certain words whenever you look up a word in the dictionary – this is the best way to learn new words and really helps you grow your vocabulary.

And this is especially important when you are writing essays for your exams or if you are writing business emails or presentations. Make your writing really stand out and learn new words.

Easy peasy japanesy!

And there we have it, muchachos y muchahas.
Thank you for tuning in to today’s short and sweet episode. I hope you have an amazing week ahead, and all the best. You’ve been chatting with Milena formerly known as Meñique, until next time. Hasta la proxima!

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