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Today you will learn 5+ expressions (and 2 bad jokes.) Learn English expressions to do with the word RUN: run out of time, run errands, to run a red light, in the long run and on the run. Hope you enjoy today’s episode :)

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Hey guys, you are listening to the Short and Sweet episode of the English Made Simple show, this is episode number 123, number one hundred and twenty-three, numero ciento veintitrés.

Welcome amigos y amigas, my name is Milena form www.englishmadesimple.net and you are listening to another episode of the English Made Simple Show.

I hope you enjoyed the last episode, where we learnt how to talk about an outdoor activity and there was an example from IELTS that I shared in that episode, IELTS is that English exam that we love so much. IELTS is awesome, I love it. No I don’t, but you know what, it’s something that we have to do.

I gave you homework in the last episode, I said think about how to answer the question: Describe an outdoor activity you like to do. If you are new to the show, please go back and listen to the last episode – everything will start to make sense.

I will post this question inside the Facebook group called English Made Simple – it’s an exclusive group for EMS listeners – be sure to join and I will also share some tips to help you think about answering this question.

Ok, you know what guys, let’s keep it short today. I talk too much, so much that I always run out of time. I exceed my own rule of 5 minutes for these type of episodes haha. These episodes are called Short and Sweet in 5minutes more or less because I always go over time. And the last short and sweet episode was 9 minutes haha – I am not timing myself obviously. There are no exams here, I don’t need to time myself obviously.

Alright guys, I said something: To run out of time – can you guess what this means? It implies there is no time left, in Spanish this would be similar to – el tiempo se esta acabando. To run out of time.

And that was your first expression for today amigos y amigas.

Well you know what they say, the rules are made to be broken.

People really do say that. People really say that. Rules are made to be broken. It just gives people excuse to break the rules.

There are rules everywhere, every country would have some sort of rules, regulations and laws. People normally live by these rules so they can live together in harmony – I am not turning all political on you today – don’t worry – I am not getting political. I am getting to my point very soon.

So what happens when you break rules? Not the English Made Simple Rules – they are trivial compared to some other rules out there in the world, out in the wild, out in the concrete jungle.

Well, imagine you steal money from a bank – that’s a big No-No. Don’t do it, but imagine if you did steal the money, then the police will be after you. They will be chasing you and you will end up being on the RUN.

You will be on the run from (the) police. If someone is on the run they are trying to avoid being captured.

That was your second expression right there. To be on the run. People who commit crimes and are trying to escape the police, you would say they are either on the run or on the loose – another expression there. They are trying to avoid being captured and going to jail. In Spanish this is called fugados o en fuga.

We have 3 more expressions to learn amigos y amigas. The next expression:

Expression Number 3

TO RUN ERRANDS = to go outside and do the necessary tasks which are often really boring, boring tasks that must be done. Some tasks that must be done! This is hacer trámites in Spanish. To run errands.

For example:

I am busy on Friday, I have to run some errands – which means I need to go to the bank, post office, dry cleaners and supermarket. Sometimes all at the same time haha
Ok I am not going to the bank to steal the money from the bank haha I am just going to do some paperwork. Let’s call it paperwork. Haha hopefully there are no police officers listening to the show.

Let’s move right along.

Expression number 4

IN THE LONG RUN = this is an expression we use when we want to imply that our efforts will pay off in the far future, not immediately but sometime in the future.

A synonym for this expression would be: Eventually.

For example, Going for a 10-minute run every week may not seem much, but it will be good for me in the long run.

(I should go for an 11-min run instead!)

Expression number 5

TO RUN A RED LIGHT = means breaking a road rule and not stopping at a red light – traffic light, but instead continue driving. Driving right through the red light and of course this is illegal. It is illegal.

Well, I can personally relate to this – I ran a red light twice in my life, and I know I did this because I got a ticket! I got a fine. In Spanish the word FINE is ‘parte o multa.’ [I use FINE as a noun here.]

I had to pay $400 which is a lot of money. A lot of money!

No wonder people rob banks hahah ok ok nobody is robbing a bank here, it was a bad joke. I keep mentioning it for some reason hahah

I learnt my lesson and will not run a red light again. If there are any police officers listening to the show, I promise I will not run a red light again.

To run a red light – pasar con luz roja.

And that’s it amigos, we are going to wrap up for today.

We have learnt 5 expressions using the word RUN. And as you can see I can only count till 5, after that I lose count.

To lose count is another expression and it means to forget the next thing that needs to be done in the sequence. Like, first expression, second expression and then go like – oops I what’s the next number I lost count. Just like that. And that was your 6th expression. I didn’t lose count this time, yeeey.

And amigos, Elvis has left the building – the show has come to an end. This is your 7th expression haha it never ends. Elvis Presley has left the building.

Remember guys, you can listen to the EMS show via YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes, Podcast Republic and the English Made Simple website. Get all the transcripts from the website.

It’s been a pleasure amigos y amigas, you’ve been an amazing audience as usual, and I shall see you next time. If you would like to improve your English don’t forget you can go to my website to see how you can learn English with me and start speaking English today. You’ve been jamming with Milena. Until next time, hasta la proxima!

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