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Hey guys, in today’s short and sweet episode you will learn 3 English expressions to do with Cooking: To cook to perfection, too many chefs and to be cooking with gas. Great, also I changed my name to Khaleesi. Enjoy :)


Hello amigos y amigas, you are listening to the English Made Simple show, this is episode #1-2-9, number one-hundred-and-twenty—nine, numero ciento vientinueve.

Hello, here we are again! Welcome everyone, my name is – Khaleesi, mother of all dragons and the future queen of 7 kingdoms – no it’s not, my name is Milena from www.englishmadesimple.net.

And in today’s short and sweet episode we are going to learn not 1 but 3 English expressions. Wow! Hopefully you will be able to remember them. Hopefully I will be able to remember them. There is only 3 I easily lose count. You know me!

So today’s expressions are related to Cooking. What’s cooking good looking?

The expressions you will learn today are the ones that are often used by native speakers.

Your first expression is

1. Cook something to perfection

If the dinner is cooked to perfection it means it’s been done really well. This expression is used to compliment the chef or to flatter someone. To compliment someone.

For example, thanks Mum the dinner was cooked to perfection!

It means the dinner was cooked perfectly. It was exquisite!

Oh well that was an easy one. Let’s try the next expression.

Your next expression is

2. Too many chefs

Ok now, this one is very good to know as well.

To explain this one, let me describe a scenario to you, assuming you live with your family, assuming you don’t live alone, imagine you are in the kitchen cooking….and then out of nowhere another person joins you in the kitchen, it could be your wife or your husband or a friend. Or all three of them! haha

You are trying to cook the dinner but then all of a sudden they are telling you how to cook, what ingredients you should put, how to boil the water, how to fry eggs and so on.

And it drives you nuts, you go mental! Arrrgh leave me alone, there are too many chefs in the kitchen!

Too many decision makers, too many ‘smart’ people – when I say smart I am being sarcastic – too many people giving you advice – everybody is so smart = they are telling you what you should do. Too many people making decisions for you.

No, no, no, I hate that!

The long version of this expression is: Too many chefs spoil the soup. The short version is ‘Too many chefs’. Everyone will know what you are referring to.

You can just say, too many chefs!

Let me think of another scenario, more adapted to work situations.

Imagine you are at work, working on a project. And there are 8 people working on the same project, they could have different roles in the project, but still it is hard to manage them and it is hard to know what everyone is working on. Then it becomes like a case of too many chefs in the kitchen.

To many people working on the same project, and everyone thinks they are boss. Everyone thinks that they are a decision maker. And mistakes are bound to happen! You can’t have too many people making decisions.

Hopefully, it was clear, clear as mud!

Great, you understand what I am talking about! That’s great, now you are cooking with gas! Excellent!

That’s your last expression for today.

3. To be cooking with gas

In other words to be more efficient at or with something.

If you think about cooking, the activity of cooking – cooking for example, cooking with gas is more effective than cooking by burning wood – like they did in the old times, like they did in the medieval times like the Game of Thrones times, they didn’t cook with gas then, and everything was really slow back then.

Well I don’t know I wasn’t there,(and the Game of Thrones place doesn’t really exist) but you know what I mean. Things happened at a slower pace.

So let me put this into perspective by giving you an example.

For example, for months I’ve been using my old computer to record episodes, and as I soon as I bought a new one, I’ve been cooking with gas.

I’ve been more efficient, doing things better and faster.

My husband thinks that this is not really true, but I disagree.

I said to him, go back to the kitchen, go and do some dishes. That’s what I said to him.

So that’s it amigos y amigas, we have learnt 3 expressions today, TO BE COOKING WITH GAS, TOO MANY CHEFS and To Cook Something to Perfection.

Now your homework this week is to try to use one of these expressions. I suggest you start by complimenting your wife or your husband or your partner and tell him or her – wow that dinner was really yummy, it was cooked to perfection! Excellent!

You’ve been jamming with Milena from www.englishmadesimple.net, until next time. Hasta la proxima!

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