Phrasal Verbs from My Teaching Notes

Today’s the last chance to claim My Teaching Notes. In today’s episode I share FOUR Phrasal Verbs that I hear around me almost every day. There are 17 phrasal verbs inside My Teaching Notes, and this is available for the month of November. Enjoy :)

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Hey amigos y amigas, you are listening to the English Made Simple show, this is episode number 2-0-6, number two hundred and six, numero dos cientos seis.

Welcome to the English Made Simple show, this is Milena from and you are listening to the episode two hundred and six!

How’s it going?

How is it going amigos y amigas? What’s happening?

Hope everyone is doing fine and dandy.

In today’s episode, I am going to share more snippets from my Teaching Notes, we are going to learn more phrases from My Teaching Notes, and today specifically, we are going to learn about Phrasal Verbs.

Yeeey, how exciting…not! Haha

Let’s find out if Phrasal verbs can be cool or not. Are they cool? Are they awesome, let’s find out!

If you have just joined the show welcome amigos y amigas, and
where have you been all this time? We’ve been waiting for you…

So, if you’ve just joined the show, you can scroll through the last 4 episodes to learn about my Teaching Notes. In the previous few episodes, I was sharing some of the content from my Teaching Notes already. So I recommend you go back and start listening from episode 202 just in case you don’t miss anything. To get a copy of My Teaching notes, go to


So, as I was saying today we are going to learn about Phrasal verbs and which phrasal verbs we should really try hard to remember.

But before we dive any deeper with Phrasal Verbs, I’d like to say hello to Rafael and Valentina who are both from Chile who had recently supported the English Made Simple show and who are currently reading through My Teaching Notes and figuring out all the phrases I’ve covered in the past few episodes. Thank you both for your kind donation.

And just today, before recording this episode, I’ve received another donation from Adriana from Australia. G’day Adriana. Hope you find the Teaching Notes useful, unfortunately there is nothing about Australian slang in there haha I am sending you a shout out and a huge thanks for your kind donation.

Oki doki amigos y amigas.

Let’s continue…

I’ve decided to include Phrasal Verbs as part of my Teaching Notes as a lot of my students struggle understanding Phrasal Verbs and how to use them.


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