Learn Essential English Phrases for Travel

    Have you ever gotten lost in the airport? Well, you’re in luck! In today’s episode you will learn new phrases to help you navigate the airport with confidence. Enjoy :) Also, check out my YouTube Channel here: YouTube Channel Enjoy :) Don’t forget to do the Listener Survey? Follow the link below. ***LINK TO THE SURVEY: www.englishmadesimple.net/survey  

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Transcript Snapshot (English Phrases for Travel)

  Hey guys, you’re listening to the English Made Simple Show. This is episode number 308, number three hundred and eight, número tres cientos ocho. Welcome back, friends! This is your host Milena, and you’re tuning in to the “English Made Simple” show. You can learn more about the EMS show and what it’s all about by visiting englishmadesimple.net. If you want to listen to the podcast directly from the website, simply type in englishmadesimple.net/podcast into your browser and start listening. Don’t forget to check out all my past episodes and fantastic resources to help you speed up your English learning. Today, I’ve got a special episode for you amigos y amigas. As you can see I missed a few episodes again. Yes I know… I’m so baaaaad. This time I have a good excuse. I was traveling and didn’t have time to record new episodes for you. But today, I’m going to make it up to you. I’ll redeem myself by recording an episode about Travel. This is going to make it interesting and relevant, so today’s episode is all about travel and how to get around the airport. Are you ready to get started? Alrighty amigos, let’s go! Imagine you’re at the airport, and you need to ask for directions in English. There is no time to be shy when you’re at the airport and you need to get to your plane fast. Asking for directions is a common situation for all travellers. So today, I’ll share with you the three key phrases to help you communicate effectively in these situations. First up, phrase number one: Looking for the departure gate. ‘To depart’ means “to leave”. So let’s imagine you’ve arrived at the airport and you can’t read the board so you’re looking for your gate number. You stop and ask someone who works at the airport: “Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the departure gate?” You can try asking a random person, if you want. But I wouldn’t. Just approach someone who works at the airport. This phrase is handy when you need to find your departure gate in the airport. If you happen to travel to Melbourne, you’ll find this phrase pretty helpful. It’s a big airport and it’s easy to get lost. I got lost recently looking for the departure gate. So now it’s your turn amigos y amigas. Repeat the phrase after me: “Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the departure gate?” Departure gate – this is the place where you can sit and wait to board the plane. So just before hopping on the plane. Making sense so far? Oki doki. What’s the next phrase you may want to know? Something to do with luggage. Sometimes, you might need assistance with your heavy luggage. You can approach an airport assistant or a random person who’s travelling on the same plane as you. If you need assistance with your heavy luggage you need to ask the following: This is your phrase number two amigos.  

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Milena Vujnic

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Milena is the host of the English Made Simple Podcast and is passionate about helping motivated English learners break their fear of speaking English so they can confidently make conversation and be understood by other English-speakers. Milena lives in Australia with her Chileno husband and loves anything podcasting and online coaching and is honoured to be supporting and guiding immigrants from all over the world with her products, programs and coaching services. Click here to learn more about how you can work with Milena.  

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