English Vocabulary: How to order a cup of coffee



Today’s episode is about coffee. More specifically how to order a cup of coffee when you visit a café. Enjoy! :)

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[156] Simple Phrases To Use At A Café


Transcript Snapshot (How to Order a Cup of Coffee)


Hey guys, you’re listening to the English Made Simple Show this is episode number 273, number two hundred and seventy-three, numero dos cientos setenta y tres.

Welcome amigos y amigas. This is your host Milena speaking, you’re tuning into the English Made Simple show. You can learn more about the EMS show when you visit englishmadesimple.net. This is my second home. This is where I spend most of my time. And while you’re there, you can find a huge list of episodes of the EMS show as well as useful resources to help you accelerate your English learning journey.

Thank you for joining me in today’s episode.

Today we’ll continue with our Short Chats segment. We’re nearing the end of the short chat episodes, I hope you’re enjoying them. I’d love to know what you think of them.

Today’s episode is about coffee. More specifically how to order a cup of coffee when you visit a café. I’ve done an episode in the past where we covered some useful phrases when you’re at a café. I think that was one of the earlier episodes in 2017 BC. ‘BC’ stands for before COVID haha.

In November 2017 I did an episode called: Simple phrases to use at a Café. That was episode number 156.
If you’d like to re-listen to this episode simply search for it on your phone or visit englishmadesimple.net/podcast and search for it on the website….


So back to our episode today.

I assume you all like to drink coffee. What type of coffee do you like to drink?


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