English Slang – I’m gonna, I wanna, I ain’t!

Yo yo homies, welcome! Welcome guys, welcome to the episode 17, Introduction to this episode, thank you Kanye West, thank you Jaimie Foxx. Right. Great introduction to this episode, don’t you think? Hey guys, welcome, Hola, my name is Milena. Thank you for joining me, Yeey!

I am trying to make this fun :) We are going to learn about slang, every time I think about slang, think about rap. Rap songs. Like, Jay Z, Ja Rule, Kanye West, you know…Tupac. Right, I am not a big rap person, I like heavy metal, but I do like this song. Gold digger.

Gold digger is actually slang in itself. Gold digger refers to a woman who is looking for a relationship with rich guys, so you know she is looking for gold, you know what i mean, she is looking for a rich guy ok, who can take care of her! Not all women are like that. Ok guys. Not all women are like that. This is another topic, let’s not go into the guy/girl topics.

Alright Gold Digger is the song by Kanye West and Jamie Foxx and the original is actually by Ray Charles. Thank you for joining me hope you enjoyed my little intro there introduction, intro, that’s another slang Hey I’ve decided to do this episode to introduce you to slang or modismo in Spanish or colloquialism or informal language, informal way of speaking because that’s how everyday people speak not just English speakers. We have Spanish in Chile I remember when I was in Chile: Weones, Weonas, Que onda! It’s all slang,you have to know the slang,you know, to integrate into society, to talk to people, to build friendships, that’s why we need to learn slang.

One important thing I want to say, is don’t use slang, or don’t speak in slang, when you are doing your English exams, ok. Like IELTS and TOEFL, please don’t use slang. Especially when you are doing the speaking part of the exam So when they ask you a question and you need to respond with a YES, respond with a YES! Don’t respond with Yeah! Because Yeah is slang. Yup is also slang. That’s another way to say Yes: Yup or Nope! Haha

But if you are speaking with your friends, it’s perfectly fine to speak slang, it’s same as in your countries, I mean you will speak with your friends, weon, weona, cachai, que onda…yeah?

So, it’s fine to use it with your friends, but not in the exam environment, we don’t want to lose any points in the exam:)

Alright, remember that! That’s one important thing to remember. Alrighty guys, i actually have been using slang in most of my episodes and I didn’t even realise that I am using it. I want to just give you some examples of the slang that I’ve been using. I’ll give you a few examples. So, you will know slang, because if you watch movies, if you listen to rap songs or if you listen to any type of music, nowadays, in today’s world, we hear slang everywhere on TV, if you into Hollywood movies, and if you like this pop music, yes you will hear slang.

The word that I used in my previous episode, where I talked about I gotta go, the word GET, so I said I gotta go, it’s actually slang. Which is a short or abbreviation for I have got to go. So you just say got to go, or gotta go. So you just say it pretty quickly you just say I gotta, you don’t even hear the letter T. you just say Gotta Go! I gotta go guys, bye, see you later haha

Ok this is slang, I gotta go, you will definitely hear this in the movies. Another word I want to bring to your attention is the word: I am gonna, or I wanna. I wanna show you something. Basically, wanna is slang, slang for I want to. Two words, Want To.E.g  I want to do this or I want to show you something. I wanna find a rich husband, because my current husband is really poor, pobrecito haha poor. I wanna find a rich husband, I want to find a rich husband, that’s what it means. But I am not a gold digger haha, ok, so my husband is also listening to this show and is probably going to wonder: what, Milena? What are you talking about? Mi marido is going to crazy! Haha Alright. Just a little joke. I want to buy new shoes, I wanna buy new shoes. SO this is slang, if you hear this in the movies or in the songs, you will know this is slang. I am gonna do this episode. I am gonna do it. Means: I am going to do it. So the slang version is gonna. When we speak slang it’s because we feel lazy a little bit, and we shorten everything, we abbreviate. I am gonna do this or I am going to, or I wanna do this, I want to do this, I want to show something. I want to give you some more examples of slang. I wanna give you more examples of slang.

Sucks. I used the word sucks.

Suck, is actually a verb, and usually when you use a vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner sucks the dust inside, so that’s the action: to suck. But with slang, if something sucks, usually it’s with an “s”at the end. If something sucks, it usually means it is so bad, it’s  really bad. Or it blows, is another one. Hey how was the movie yesterday, did you see that movie, the latest James Bond movie for example? No, don’t bother it sucks. The movie sucks. Really bad,sucks. Haha

OK that’s my opinion of that movie, don’t go and waste your money. Alright, haha it blows, it really blows.

Hey let’s continue guys, AIN’T. I ain’t gonna do it. I ain’t. Ain’t, is a very common one to hear, I think in the US, because I haven’t heard it in Australia and New Zealand. I think in the US, they use this I ain’t. And you will hear this in songs and the movies. Ain’t could be anything, could be I haven’t, could be I am not, I didn’t…so it basically covers all of those. You just use one word, I ain’t. It’s always in a negative form, I ain’t gonna do this. Haha I ain’t gonna do it. Alright. There we go, too much slang. Was that confusing, was that OK? I don’t know if I used any more of the slang, if I do use slang in the future, I will point that out, and I will tell you, this is slang. Alright, hope you enjoyed this one. Now back to Kanye West and Jaimie Foxx, Gold digger. I gotta go, gotta go to this party. Catch ya guys later, see you later!

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