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Have you heard of an English expression “to feel under the weather?” Listen to this episode to find out what it means. Also, I share some ideas from my listeners, what they would like to hear on these mini episodes. Enjoy:)



Hey amigos, you are listening to English Made Simple episode 47. Numero cuarenta y siete.
Hello everybody, my name is Milena, how are you guys? Hope you guys are doing well! What have you been up to this week? It’s Wednesday here in Canguroland, Australia, it’s Wednesday I call it a hump day. If we could just climb over this Wednesday hump, I know it’s hard, but if we could just do it, we could get to Friday faster you know that….? Hehe

If you don’t know what hump means, just imagine a camel, an animal that lives in the desert it has a hump on its back. That’s the word hump. Add when I say a hump day. It’s just basically means…, it refers to the middle of the week, middle of the work week. And you now if you are working, you can’t wait for Friday. We call it a hump day. Wednesday is a hump day.

Thank you to those who replied to my last email about the Short and Sweet episodes and to those who have contacted me in the last couple of weeks. It’s good to hear your feedback on what you would like to get out of these mini episodes. I really wanted to include you in this because this show is for you and when you tell me what you want to learn, you know what you want to get out of these episodes, then good things will happen, you will start learning faster. That’s the idea, that’s why we are here!

So let’s get crackin’! Shall we? Let’s begin.

The following are some things that I collected from you guys that you would like to hear on this show.
I’ve got a suggestion from David, he’s got a couple of great ideas. Thanks David for your feedback.
He suggested more idioms, or english expressions, some English sayings. It’s a really great idea, I’ll try include those.
He also suggested some video tips.… wow! you know what that means, I can’t wear my usual podcasting uniform, which is my pyjamas if I had to be on the video. This is definitely in my plans. I would like to do a video soon. So keep your ears and eyes open guys! Cool.

Also I had a few more suggestions, people want to hear more Phrasal Verbs. That’s great! These are really important, they make us sound more fluent when we write and when we speak. Phrasal verbs are really important.
And in general, some slang, daily expressions and more tips to help you learn that’s a general idea what I am getting from people currently.

And then I got a suggestion from my husband would like to hear more Spanish in my episodes…. So I said to him: Shut your pie hole. It just means Be Quiet! Callate! Silencio! A pie is like an empanada. Hole un hoyo in this case would be your mouth, la boca. We open our mouth when we start to eat a pie or empenada. So shut your pie hole is just slang to say Shut your mouth. Don’t speak! Haha Anyway, I’ll try to include some Spanish as well.

What everyone really wants is to practise speaking, I keep getting emails and messages as about pracising the speaking. And that’s really important guys, I understand. For sure! As you know I live at the end of the world, and when the rest of the world is wide awake, Australia is asleep and vice versa. My time is also currently limited but I will try to participate when I get a chance, the timing for me is a challenge at the moment. I am currently thinking of a solution so keep listening and of course keep socialising amongst yourselves. That’s why we have the English Made Simple Facebook group.
That’s about it for now. Keep sending me your ideas, I love hearing from you guys. And I am here to help you of course.

Now before we end this episode, I’ll give you one English saying…. There is an English saying that goes like this: To feel under the weather. Yes this is a saying. When someone feels under the weather it just means they are feeling unwell. That person is sick or ill.

Well, you see, it’s been pretty cold in Melbourne and for the past few days I’ve been feeling under the weather. I had a cold, estaba resfriada, I thought I’d lose my voice and sound like Barry White. Haha but no, not this time guys. My voice is just fine.

Thanks for joining me, you’ve been an awesome audience as always! Have an awesome rest of the week, Friday is almost here, I can smell it.
Hasta la proxima! Until next time, ciao!

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