Happy New Year!


Milena wishes you a very Happy New Year! :)


Hello, holla, zdrastvuyte, sawadee, nihau – Hey guys, amigos y amigas, you are listening to the English Made Simple show, with your host Milena from englishmadesimple.net.

This is episode number 68, sesenta y ocho.


Did you like my introduction there? I said hello in a few different languages…


Well guys, today’s episode will be short but sweet, I am here to wish you a Happy New Year, Happy 2017!


Guys, how will you welcome the New Year? How will you be welcoming 2017?  What will you be doing for this New Year’s Eve? Where will you be? Who will you be with? If it’s not a secret…


What will you do for New Year’s Eve? Qué vas a hacer para celebrar el año Nuevo? Dos mil diez y siete.


I wanna hear you non-Spanish speakers say dos mil diez y siete –  2017 (in Spanish is dos mil diez y siete.)

Awesome guys, Woohoo!

I am not drunk yet haha!


One point 5 million (1.5 million) people are expected show up in Sydney for the world-famous firework display – fuegos artificiales in Spanish – there will be a major display of fireworks from Darling Harbour to the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is a major tourist attraction, did you know? …to witness (ser testigo de o presenciar) to witness the NY celebrations in Sydney, all of my friends have seen it….except me. It’s just too crowded for me, mucha gente, muy lleno para mi – I prefer to watch it on TV in my pyjamas, having a glass of wine, so I don’t miss anything.


That’s my idea of fun.


My hometown – Melbourne will expect around 500,000 people. Not that many people in Melbourne compared to Sydney.


What’s happening in your cities? How will Santiago celebrate this year? Aren’t the New Year’s celebrations at Valparaiso famous? I heard they are quite spectacular as well! What about Rio or Sao Paolo in Brazil? Cairo in Egypt? Madrid in Spain? Valencia, Barcelona? Hanoi or Hoh Chi Minh City in Vietnam? Beirut in Lebanon?


All these cities are listening to English Made Simple!


Whatever you do guys, please be safe, I hope 2017 brings you good health first and foremost, (first and foremost just means most importantly) lots of love and happiness, smiles and good times, I also hope it will be a prosperous year bringing you lots of success!


So there!


There will be more English speakin’ – bring on 2017! It is going to be a legendary one!

Have an awesome time, we are going to wrap up this year with this short and sweet and I shall speak with you next year amigos! Hasta la vista!

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