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Hey amigos y amigas, today you will learn a new phrase: Walk someone through something. You will learn about the #1 question asked at job interviews: Walk me through your CV. Enjoy :)

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Hey guys, you are listening to the English Made Simple show, this is episode number 146, number one hundred and forty-six, numero ciento cuarenta y seis.

Welcome everyone to the English Made Simple show, my name is Milena from www.www.englishmadesimple.net.

Finally, I am here! Had to escape to Melbourne for a couple of days, but I am back in Adelaide now. Apologies, this episode is coming later than expected.

But here I am! So let’s begin the show!

What I would like to do today, is share a couple of expressions that I hear being used at job interviews, as well as some new phrases that you should be aware of.

So having said this, in today’s episode you will learn some new vocabulary, you will learn some new terminology when it comes to job hunting!


That’s your first phrase, job hunting – this is an informal phrase, it’s a noun.

If I had to go job hunting this would mean that I’d have to go search for a new job.

To hunt is like to search in this case. We all know what SEARCH means right. You can go onto Google and search.

And just so you know, to hunt is a regular verb, it can be used in the past tense – hunted and participle hunted.

Did you know that an employer can hunt you for a new job? Yup… You can be hunted by an employer. Let’s say you are one of those prodigy type of people…lucky you!
Let’s say you are a specialised Microsoft developer, an expert in a certain field, well lucky you then – Microsoft can hunt you for a new job.

I often hear the phrase job hunting instead of job searching.

Cool? Easy peasy japanesy.

Let’s move right on. Moving on guys and girls.

Let’s imagine you are looking for a new job, you are hunting for a new job.

When it comes to looking for work you really need a good strategy. You need a good strategy and a lot of preparation way ahead of the interview.

Number 1 strategy that you need to implement is getting your CV up to date, including only the relevant information inside the CV, information pertaining to the job that you are applying for.

So you will have many different CV’s depending on how many jobs you are applying for.

So the phrase (Up-to-date) here means current.

I don’t know about other countries, but in Australia and New Zealand employers have robots that scan your CVs for keywords. You can imagine those terminator type of robots that scan your Cvs. That’s how they narrow down their search and only focus on the people that match the job criteria.

You have to make your CV readable by robots and humans.
Don’t forget that. That’s a tip for you.

So getting myself distracted (with robots) as usual.

Going back to job hunting.

Let’s imagine you did your research, got your CV ready, and applied for a couple of jobs and the next day you get called in to attend a job interview. Yeey! A big pat on the back! Congratulations, this means that one obstacle is now completed!

Now it’s time for you to be a superstar at the job interview.

I did mention something before, a particular question you’d often get asked at job interviews, number 1 question you’d get asked at job interviews is… to talk about yourself.
Another equally important question is

Walk me through your resume.

Résumé – rezjumei.

It sounds French, it spelt French, it must be a French word. My French speaking listeners can correct me! I don’t speak French, I just pretend that I speak French.

Resume is like a CV. Often used interchangeably.

Walk me through your CV.

Walk me through your résumé

In other words: Let’s discuss your CV.

It’s interesting using the word WALK here. Like caminar.

You only know one meaning of this word. To go for a walk.

What happens when someone says to you, walk me through your CV.

If used as a noun, which sounds like this – a walk-through.

Let me explain what this mean, according to Weon Inteligente or an Online Dictionary, “a walk-through” means a step-by-step demonstration of a process, a step by step explanation of something.

Now you can imagine if you ever get asked: Walk me through your CV – this means that the interviewer expects you to talk about your CV in a certain way.

If you get asked this question again, what I would do if I were you, I would go through it in a chronological order. Talk about your experiences in the ascending order, from the oldest to the most recent experience shown on your CV.

To do this you have to be really prepared.

You have to know your CV inside-out. In other words, you have to know it intimately. Any irregularities in your CV might raise some eyebrows – you will leave doubts in their mind, if you get tongue-tied about your CV. We don’t want that, so my tip is of you to know your CV inside out before the interview.

Inside-out – that was another useful term for you amigos y amigas.

To know your CV inside out means to know your CV really well.

How are we going so far? Are you going cross-eyed? Oh my Gosh, too much information.

We are almost there…

If you get asked this question by an interviewer, to go through your CV – you are allowed to look at your CV, you don’t have to know it off by heart, but be prepared on how to answer this question.

You have to be prepared, that’s why practice is really important!

You can start by saying:

Certainly Mr Jones. I would be happy to walk you through my CV. You see, my career started in the year 2010, I began working as a Helpdesk Support person at Company ABC. While I was there I got promoted a couple of years later to the role of a Systems Analyst. During my time as the Systems Analyst, as you can see in my CV, I got experience using SAP, Visual Basic and C++ programming. (I am just making it up by the way!) Programming was something I really enjoyed doing. So I am now looking for opportunities in this area of IT.

Ok this is a just a fictional example, but you get my drift. You know what I am trying to say here.

I want you to focus on your achievements, such as the promotion as I mentioned in my example or if you had saved the company money, focus on how much money you saved the company, put some numbers to the facts, did you find new customers, and maybe you exceeded your sales targets, which is awesome. You can mention that as well.

Great. That’s about it.

So today, I want you to remember this expression: walk through.

Walk me through your CV. I will be happy to walk you through my CV.

When is another time you might hear this phrase?

Let’s imagine, if you had a client meeting, your client will say: Ok Carlos, walk me through the proposal.

Walk me through the presentation. Walk me through the quote. What does it consist of.

I bet you didn’t know this phrase before. Maybe you heard it before, now you know what it is.

This phrase is used when a step-by-step explanation is required.

How are doing doing so far? Lots and lots of new vocabulary here guys.

So just to recap, today you’ve learnt the importance of being prepared for job interviews, importance of knowing your CVs inside out, and you’ve learnt a couple of new phrases: walk someone through something and job hunting. Oh and you also learnt what inside out means, because I’ve mentioned it so many times.

Just remember to have a short response already prepared, about 2-3 minutes in length, something that you can retell comfortably when you are at the job interview. This is when practise comes into play. You must be prepared before your actual interview.

Amigos y amigas, those were my wise words for today.

Before we end today’s show, let me just send a few greetings to a few peeps (or people!) out there who had time to email me and say nice things about English Made Simple.

We’ve got Armando from Mexico City, orale búey! Marco from Ecuador and Nur from Chile.
Thank you all, appreciate your comments, I am glad to know that your English is improving thanks to English Made Simple. Mine too! haha

I should also send greetings to a few people who left awesome reviews in iTunes, thanks a lot guys– we’ve got a review from Turkey, Mexico, Spain and the USA.

Really cool, thanks. I read all the comments, I look forward to reading them, it makes me happy to know people like to listen to my blabbing. And I also dance around the house when I see iTune reviews. I get emailed all the iTunes reviews.

Thanks again guys.

And thank you all for joining me in today’s show, you’ve been jamming with Milena from English Made Simple, you’ve been awesome as always, let’s catch up next time muchachos y muchachas. Until next then, hasta la proxima!

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