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Hey guys, today you will learn 3 phrasal verbs using the verb GET. Get across, get away, get along. I also mention a noun getaway. Enjoy :)

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Hey guys, you are listening to the English Made Simple show, this is episode number 1-6-6, number one hundred and sixty six – numero ciento sesenta y seis.

Welcome amigos y amigas, my name is Milena from englishmadesimple.net. I hope you are having an awesome start to the year!

My horoscope says that I need to be better organised this year. I will try my best.
Naturally I am a disorganised person so it will be quite a challenge for me.

I think Weon Inteligente can help me get more organised. He will make an appearance today. I know you’ve missed him. He didn’t go anywhere, he is still here with us.

For those of you who don’t know who Weon Inteligente is – he is a symbol, a persona, a creature possessing special powers, and my imaginary friend that represents any dictionary out there … in other words he is an Online dictionary. So if there are any hard-to-explain words, Weon Inteligente jumps in and takes over. He provides his wisdom and doesn’t hold back. He is happy to share.

But enough about this gibberish.

Another thing I wanted to mention before we dive straight into today’s show, I am experimenting with music at the moment, the intro and outro music, so bear with me. I want to find something more inspiring, more fun and more dancey like samba, cumbia, salsa don’t know, we shall we. Just bear with me. I will find something cool, just hang in there amigos y amigas.

You’ve heard me talk about the word GET in one of my earlier episodes…and when I say earlier episodes, I mean about a 100 years ago. Actually, 2 years ago.

You will notice that my design skills and my podcasting skills have improved over time.

Episode #16 and I also mentioned the word GET in episode number #87

087 – (Don’t) GET LOST
016 – Different ways of using the word GET

Today, I want to explain the meaning of 3 phrasal verbs using the word GET. You should also know that this is an irregular verb, past tense is GOT and participle Gotten. You can also say GOT for participle.

These are the ones I often hear spoken around me wherever I go.

1 Get across – to communicate your point

If you happen to be in an office, if you work in an office and you need to speak in English for work, this phrasal verb is good to know.

To get across means to communicate. To communicate an idea to someone who doesn’t seem to understand it completely.

But listen carefully how it is used. Here is an example:

Even though English is my second language, I was able to get my point across in that meeting.

Another example

I was able to get my message across to my parents.

There is another meaning to this phrasal verb, a rather literal meaning. To physically get across.
You can get across to the other side of the road.

Basically, cross the street.

Example, this is a busy road, how are we going to get across to the other side of the road?

Ok, easy peasy japanesy.

I hope you were able to follow that. We have 2 more phrases here.

The next phrase is to Get Along

[Weon Inteligente? According to Weon Inteligente, to get along means to be friendly with someone, to make friends, to interact and have fun at the same time]

2 Get along – to be friendly with someone. I get along with my friends

I get along with my husband’s family.

I started a new job and everyone seems great there. So far, I get along with everyone at work.

In this case, get along is often followed by preposition ‘with’ to get along with someone.

There is another meaning to this phrase GET ALONG.

It can also mean, to cope with something or someone.

How are you getting along with homework? Is it too hard? Do you need any help?

Getting along – are you managing well, are you coping well.

My husband’s got a new job, so after his first week on the job, I asked him: How are you getting along in your new job?

Are you doing well in your new job?
And he can reply: Yes I get along with everyone at work. Everyone seems nice and down-to-earth.

I hope that was clear. Clear as mud haha

Cool, moving right along to the next phrase.

To get away… this is a verb, but you can also use it as a noun if written as 1 word. You can say – a gateway. To mean, a short vacation or holiday. For example, I am looking forward to my 2-week getaway in Vanuatu.

Ok let’s continue by learning this phrasal verb – get away – 2 words. Get and Away.

And guess what? Surprise, surprise!

This one also has more than 1 meaning haha

In fact, it has 3.

3 Get away – this one has 3 different meanings.

Meaning # 1 – to escape from someone who is chasing you

For example, the thieves got away with $15 million worth of diamonds. They were not caught, they were not captured. They got away. Escaped.

The next meaning.

Meaning # 2 – to get away from someone or something –For example: My husband always tell me to get away from the cookie jar. Because I am supposed to be on a diet.

He also tells me to get away from Nutella.

Not allowed to touch it, not allowed to approach the cookie jar.

Get away from the cookie jar. Do not even think about approaching.

…All I can think about now is that damn cookie jar.

Alright the next meaning:

Meaning # 3 – to go on a holiday, to have a holiday.

Again, two words – get and away.

I hope to get away for a couple of weeks around Easter break, when we can take some time off work.

And this brings us to the end of the show.

Thanks for tuning to episode number 1-6-6. If you would like to learn more about the word GET, there is a lot more different ways you can use the word GET, then go to englishmadesimple.net and click on Podcast at the top navigation menu, search for episodes #16 and #87. You can follow the transcript and listen to the audio at the same time.

Also, if you would like to join the Facebook Group called English Made Simple, you are more than welcome to. I am sharing more tips in the group, and I am planning to do a Facebook live video. Yikes. The group is called English Made Simple – very original.

I hope to see you in there.

Thanks again for listening to my blabbing. You’ve been an amazing audience. Catch ya next time. Hasta la proxima!

Milena Vujnic

Milena Vujnic

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