Marry vs Merry


In today’s episode, we travel back in time. All the way, back to episode number 64. Twas my very early days in podcasting! We’ll learn about homophones and how to tell a difference between ‘marry and merry’. Pronounced the same! Enjoy today’s flashback episode! :)

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Original Episode Marry vs Merry – Episode #64

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Transcript Snapshot (Marry vs Merry)


Hey guys, you’re listening to the English Made Simple Podcast this is episode number 245, number two hundred and forty five, numero dos cientos cuarenta y cinco.

Welcome amigos, my name is Milena from,

Hope everyone is fine and dandy.

Today’s show is a bit different. We are going to travel back in time.

Going all the way back to episode 64. So a couple of years in the past. Some of you hadn’t been there yet.

I decide to replay this episode because it’s so relevant now before Christmas and the end of the year.

Just something to note before I play it though.

I pulled this episode out of the EMS archive where I taught you various English expressions, bit of cultural history and some grammar, for example using homophones and what are those anyway.

I used to use more Spanish words here, just a heads up to those non-Spanish speakers.

However, having said that, it’s still easy to follow, there’s a lot of gold nuggets in there.

Here it comes… Enjoy!


Guess what, I saw a sign outside a shop it said “9 sleeps till Christmas”….
This is how people normally count down towards a holiday. We can say 9 days to go or 9 sleeps to go. Basically, we have to sleep 9 times before the actual Christmas…. That’s a bit of a literal translation.

In this episode we are going to go freestyle. I want to mention something called Homophones. Homophones refer to words that sound the same but they are spelled differently and have a different meaning.



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