Hola muchachos, this is the very first episode of English Made Simple podcast. You will get a taste of what to expect in this show and what kinds of things you will learn. As it is my first time recording a podcast, you will notice I am a little bit nervous (hehe) so I am speaking at a faster pace. Hopefully, the transcripts will help you follow!

No te preocupes.

Each episode will be accompanied by transcriptions.

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Transcription, read below:

Episode 000 – Start Here – English Made Simple Introduction


Hey Muchachos, welcome to English Made Simple Podcast this is episode zero.


Welcome welcome from Sunny Santiago, yes you heard that correctly guys, this is episode zero of English made simple podcast. Basically, what this means, it’s just an introduction to what the show is going to be about. So we are here in Sunny Santiago I call it sunny Santiago, because it is very sunny, it has been very sunny for the past few weeks, And today especially 34 degrees, and I went outside for a walk and I was sweating… It was really hot.

So my name is Milena and thank you so much for joining in. This show is going to be about simplifying English language so that’s basically it! We are just going to make English simple. Have you ever struggled with English?

I know how frustrating it can be to learn another language. I am in the process of learning Spanish so I remember when I came to Santiago a year ago, about a year ago all I could say hola como estas and I could not even go to a cafe to buy a cup of coffee because I was so scared and I didn’t have any confidence to speak Spanish or just to point at the menu like This is what I want – can you bring me just coffee, just coffee. so this was embarrassing I had to have my husband with me to help me order coffee and this is very embarrassing haha well it was for me very embarrassing.

Anyway so I know how frustrating it can be to learn another language and as a matter of fact I was in your shoes before and I had to learn English language but this was about 20 years ago and I completely forgot what it was like until I came to Santiago and then I remembered and I’m going to the same same cycle again…. yes it can be very frustrating, intimidating you don’t have confidence, you are embarrassed, you are shy and I understand all these feelings, but guess what? I was watching a lot of Spanish movies,  listening to Spanish music and I also did a two-week course, that’s all I needed a 2-week course of Spanish to make me more confident just to go and order a cup of coffee how ridiculous that sounds haha  but it’s true all you need is a little bit of push, a little bit of a push in the right direction.  so I know exactly what you are going through right now.And in Chile , in Santiago, I am teaching English language, and I’ve met a lot of students and a lot of people here who when they speak English they make some very common mistakes, which I, now, I have a feeling that I need to share this with everybody, and teach everyone some common mistakes that can be avoided, very simple mistakes. But it seems that people make these mistakes because they translate from spanish to english, we are going to cover this in the next few episodes. So as you can see, this podcast is kind of… for Spanish speakers, mostly, because I am going to be making a lot of references from Spanish to English, English to Spanish, and so if you happen to be a non-spanish speaker and you are listening to this episode, don’t worry, or as Spanish people say no te preocupes. Don’t worry about that, amigo, we are all friends here and you will still learn English and you may be learning Spanish, and we can all learn Spanish at the end.

Righto. So in the next few episodes, we are going to cover things like, the common mistakes, as I just mentioned, and we are going to cover different accents that exist in English language. And why you shouldn’t worry about your accents too much.

I am going to give you some tips and tricks on how you can learn English the easy way, and maybe, kind of, I shouldn’t say, if you are on a budget, if you cannot afford a course, or a private teacher, there is another way to learn English but it may be kind of difficult, well not difficult, but it will take a little bit of time for you to learn it this way. But there are ways to learn it by yourself. But don’t worry about that. We will cover some tips. Just to let you know as well, I’ve got a blog called EnglishMadeSimple.net. English made simple punto net. And if you just go on the Internet, www.englishmadesimple.net, you are going to see my blog, I am going to share all my tips, I am going to share all my knowledge. I am going to give you little diagrams, and some situational, situational conversations, or eeerr….how to learn English if you are going to a hairdresser, or order a cup of coffee. Well I am going to use a very simple example. But we will use other examples as well. Don’t worry about that.

So just tune into the following few episodes, in my next episodes, and if you like any of the Information that you get from the episodes, please share them with your friends. I would love to pass all this knowledge to all your friends, and I would like to share all this knowledge, uh… to at least 1 million people, so please help me Share it with 1 million people. Haha Well I think this is a very realistic goal. Anyway, let’s go straight into the next few episodes and you will hear more about me and you will hear more about English Made Simple. Ciao!

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