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Today’s episode is about my recent train experience travelling around Australia on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. Happy New Year to you all and enjoy today’s episode. :)

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Enjoy :)

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 The Overland Train – more info.

The Ghan – From Adelaide to Darwin.

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Transcript Snapshot (Train Trip Around Australia)


Hey guys, you’re listening to the English Made Simple Show. This is episode number 311, number three hundred and eleven, número tres cientos once.

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Today, we’ll explore expressions associated with train travel, specifically focusing on the experience of embarking on a long-haul journey by train.

I don’t mean travelling somewhere on public transport where a train journey could be half an hour or an hour long. What I’m talking about here is, travelling on a longer, a day or two-day long journey.

Before we begin, how was your New Year celebration?

I travelled to another city in Australia to meet with my family. My Mum was visiting us from New Zealand, so we all met in Melbourne to ring in the new year, 2024. Most of my family lives in Melbourne.

As some of you may know, I actually live in a city called Adelaide but I travel to Melbourne often. I normally fly to Melbourne or I drive there. The drive is around 8 hours and the flight takes only an hour.

However, this time around I decided to take the train!

I wanted to travel in comfort because my car is not that comfortable for long drives. I drive a Ford Fiesta, a 5-door hatchback. It’s 12 years old, and not that powerful, 1.6l engine.

So I thought… why not try the train this time.

The train I took is called The Overland. It connects passengers from Adelaide to Melbourne and vice versa. People use it for long voyages.

(More info here: https://www.journeybeyondrail.com.au/the-overland/)

This train is super old.

Older than my car of course.

It’s over 135 years old.

Established in 1887.

There’s a lot of history attached to this train. It’s been updated over the years but not too much. I don’t think there’s been any changes since then.

The Overland promotes itself as a luxury overnight experience. It’s more for tourists but local people also take it to travel between Adelaide and Melbourne.

I’ll include a link about this particular train in the show notes so you can read more about it if you really want to.

Let me read this paragraph from their website, it tells a bit more about The Overland train:

Today, The Overland operates twice-weekly daytime journeys between Adelaide and Melbourne. Red Standard and Red Premium Services make it the easiest and most relaxing way to embark on your interstate adventure. With comfortable, semi-reclining seats, generous legroom, 60kg of luggage allowance and dedicated Hospitality Attendants to tend to your every need, The Overland offers service that really is in a class of its own.

This all sounds cool and all.

And what was my experience like you may be wondering?

Ooooh, where do I begin…


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