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Hey guys, today you will learn the difference between Moving and Relocating. You will also find out the reason why we are talking about this today. Enjoy :)

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Hey guys, you are listening to the English Made Simple show, this is episode number 134, number one-hundred and thirty four, numero ciento treinta y cuatro.

So, welcome to the English Made Simple show, my name is Milena from

That introduction was…actually a birthday song by Mr Snugglewhiskers, it’s a cute name for a cat, I’ve got this birthday card that plays music, it plays music when you open it! I didn’t realise this cat can actually play heavy metal.

So cute! It is my birthday today, so hence the music!

Como estan? How are you? How are things? Hope you guys are doing well.

So we’ve covered a lot about food and eating and drinking in the last few episodes, we’ve done many episodes previously… in the past few weeks.

I think it’s time we move onto another topic, even though drinking and eating are two of my favourite things, I can talk about these things forever but we must move to another topic.

But we have no time for food and drink(s) any more!

I want to talk about 3 things today.

The first thing being… well it’s my birthday, yeeeey! It’s that time of the year again, birthday time.

Let’s not talk about my age, as I have passed my mid-thirties. Oh my goodness!

The next thing I’d like to mention is the 7 day speaking challenge, which I will talk about more about in the next episode or maybe the episode after that, let’s see!

I will share more details about this in the next episode. I only wanted to remind you about it now.

If you are listening to this episode in August of 2017, this challenge – the speaking challenge – applies to you.

I know that there are people who still listen to the episodes I released in 2016 even to this day. So, if you are now listening in August of 2017 please be aware there is a speaking challenge coming.


Righto, now, the third thing I’d like to share with you is the topic of moving. Moving interstate, moving overseas or moving houses, in any case today you will learn new vocabulary related to moving.

There is another word we could use here and it is RELOCATING.

However, there is a difference between Relocating and Moving.

Let me give you an example:

When we say to our friends, hey guys I am moving. They will assume that I am moving to another house in the same city, or just I am moving suburbs.

To move normally means you are still in the same country and the same city UNLESS you specifically state “I am moving to another country or I am moving to another city.”

To move in this case in Spanish would be translated as MUDAR o MUDARSE.

Did you notice how I used the preposition TO.

The preposition TO – what is it? – let me give you a refresher – let me refresh your memory, the preposition TO is a preposition of MOVEMENT.

I guess this sentence now will help you remember to use the phrase “to move to”

Always followed by ‘to’

I am moving to…. I am going from one place to another.

So let’s imagine I am moving to another suburb in Melbourne – a suburb is a small area located in the city where people live. It’s usually located outside of the city (centre) but still within the city perimeters. A city can have many suburbs located on each side of the city, for example: east, west, north and south suburbs.

I live south of Melbourne.

(In Spanish a suburb is barrio o suburbio.)

And then each suburb can belong to one Council. In Australia and New Zealand suburbs belong to a council. I don’t know about the US I think they call them Districts or Municipal Districts. I could be wrong… or I could be right.

In Chile they call them comunas I think.

Ok so going back to the moving. Let’s imagine I am moving to another suburb in Melbourne.

I can just say to my friends: Hey guys, I am moving this weekend.

They will know that I am still in Melbourne but I will live at a different address in Melbourne.

I can also say to my friends: Hey guys, I am moving houses this weekend.

To move houses, or to move suburbs – you can say it like that as well.

Well this is how I hear people say it here in Australia. They say to move houses. But I think in the UK they say: I plan to move house this weekend, house as a singular here.

Well, why am I telling you all this? Why are we talking about moving?

Because, I am moving this week. I am moving interstate. I am moving from one city to another. I am moving from Melbourne to Adelaide. I will only live there for 1 year. Just 1 year in Adelaide.

I don’t know about you but if you read newspapers you will have read that Melbourne has been voted recently as the most liveable city in the world – it was ranked #1 for the 7th consecutive year I believe – and Adelaide has been voted as #5. So you could say I am downgrading.

Look, I don’t actually believe these statistics, Melbourne is a great city but there are still some things here that other cities in the world do much better. Let’s take public transport for example. Melbourne’s public transport is a ‘shocker’. It is shocking. Nothing compared to Chile or Europe. Or even the US probably. I don’t know. I’ve never been to the US, I assume so!

But let’s not go into all of this now. We are not going to talk about public transport.

So I am moving to Adelaide. I think I mentioned Adelaide in one of my previous episodes. I can’t remember, I think it was 40 something (Episode 41). I better check that! Adelaide is a city to 1 million people and 1 snake. Haha I think that’s what I said.

Actually, Adelaide has many sharks and many snakes and now it will have 1 x mean Milenita.

Anyway, this week I have to pack my things, I have to decide what to put in the storage and what to take with me to Adelaide.

I will be driving to Adelaide so I can’t take too many boxes with me. They can’t all fit in the car.

Oh by the way, did you know Adelaide is the closest city to Melbourne, it’s only 8 hours of driving! Wow, 8 hours! I could drive around the whole Europe in 8 hours. No, not really.

I am exaggerating but just telling you how big Australia really is. It’s a huge country.


So I have to pack, put things inside the boxes so the removalists can come and move things.

To pack in Spanish is empacar.

The removalists will either move boxes to a storage facility or move the boxes to Adelaide, to an address in Adelaide.

If you don’t hear from me this week, it’s because I am busy packing. I have 50 pairs of shoes to pack. I am a shoe freak!

I also mentioned removalists this is equivalent to servicio de mudanzas.

Removalists in Australia that’s how we say in Australia and I think in the UK and the US they call them movers.

So another phrase you need to know is to move out and to move in.

For example: I have to move out from my home in Melbourne and move into my new home in Adelaide.

Cool, awesome guys. Hopefully you are following me so far?

And another word that I mentioned in the beginning of this episode was relocating! Ok so when we say we are relocating we mean are moving permanently. Relocation would mean it’s a permanent move, and when we say moving, it generally means we are moving house. Or we are staying in the same city, but we are moving suburbs.

I think this is enough of gibberish for today! Muchas gracias for listening.

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Thank you for joining me amigos y amigas, you’ve been jamming with Milena from English Made Simple.

I’ll catch ya next time, hasta la proxima! Adíos!

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