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Join the 7 DAY SPEAKING CHALLENGE here – www.englishmadesimple.net/speak. It’s time to Speak English Like a Boss – in today’s episode I explain what the challenge is about and why I call it Speak Like A Boss. Enjoy :)

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*CHALLENGE ENDED* Take The Challenge – 7 Day Speaking Challenge

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Hey guys, you are listening to the English Made Simple show this is episode number 135, number one hundred and thirty five, numero ciento treinta y cinco.

Right, I think we are going to go straight into today’s episode, no intro music today.

My name is Milena from englishmadesimple.net. And it’s just me today, there is no heavy metal cat playing music in the background, right, it’s just me today!

This is a special episode of the EMS show. It is a very special episode. Very, very, special.

Did I say it was a very special episode of the English made simple show?

I am doing something I have never done before in the history of the show.

And a very short history of the show haha

What have you done Milena? What are you talking about?

A great question indeed.

What I’ve done… I have created a challenge, to be more precise, I have created a speaking challenge for you – I call it Speak (English) Like A Boss challenge but you can call it – the 7 Day Speaking Challenge – un desafío de hablar inglés en siete dias.

I know it may sound really scary….you have to speak English, don’t worry – it is not as scary as it sounds.

You’ve been listening to me for a while now and I am sure your listening skills have improved by now. I certainly hope so.

I am pretty sure you understand everything I say. Your listening skill have improved…a lot.

So, I bet you are quite comfortable listening to me speak, but now I want to make you UNCOMFORTABLE.

You are going to be so uncomfortable!

Quiero hacerlos sentir incomodos.

It’s not scary….I am trying to scare you but it’s not that scary, really it’s not.

It will be quite simple actually.

What I love about this challenge is, first of all it’s free and second of all, you will be able to learn new English phrases, you will be forced to think outside the box and you can do the challenge at your own pace.

No pressure, there is no pressure! You can do it at your own pace.

At your own pace – at your tempo.

Now, how will it work?

Another great question!

All you need is an email address. Do you have an email address?

If you would like to join the 7 Day Speaking Challenge, just go to my website, englishmadesimple.net/speak. You can also find the link in the description of this episode.

What happens when you enter your email address? When you go to that link and what happens when you enter your email address: you will receive a Welcome email explaining the challenge in more details.

The next day you will receive another email with the subject DAY 1. That’s when the challenge officially begins. And the next day you will receive another email with the subject line DAY 2 along with instructions.

Every day for 7 days you will receive an email from me. So you should get 7 emails + the welcome email.

Each email will guide you and tell you what you need to do for the challenge.

Ok but what is this challenge about Milena? Why are you calling it Speak Like a Boss?

Again, another great question!

Like a boss expression is slang, it’s an informal expression. It’s slang…If you do something like a boss it means you are doing it with confidence and you are good at it.

For example, let me give you a simple example:

I can teach you how to play guitar like a boss. Basically, when I am done teaching you how to play the guitar, you will be so good at it that you will almost be a professional.

So, SPEAK (ENGLISH) LIKE A BOSS phrase – means you will become really confident at speaking English. You will achieve this by using certain phrases which I will share with you in the emails.

But Milena, what are we going to learn? What is this challenge about?

A-ha! Excellent question.

Listen amigos y amigas, I want you to be super-duper fluent when you are introducing yourself to other people. You need to sound fluent and confident. That’s why I created this challenge.

From Day 1 to Day 3 of the challenge you will learn how to confidently talk about yourself.
From Day 3 – Day 7 you will learn how to talk about your job, your hobbies, the activities you enjoy doing and your studies – whatever you are studying, if you are studying that is.

And on the last day of the challenge you can send me a recording, an audio or a video file as a final task – I will then be able to provide feedback on your pronunciation and I can help you add more useful phrases so you can sound even more fluent, when you are introducing yourself

Isn’t that cool? I think so!

AND On DAY 8 you can open a bottle of vino and celebrate, because you’ve just completed the Speaking challenge.

Well done! That’s on DAY 8.

If you have any questions about the Speaking Challenge please let me know, send me a message.

I have decided to do this challenge because I know that you are all action takers – you love to take action and you really want to practice your speaking.

Also, it is a fun thing to do! So just do it.

Invite your friends, you can do it together with your friends.

Go to this link, www.englishmadesimple.net/speak – enter your email and follow instructions.
It’s that simple.

Well, if you need to listen to this episode again, please do so. I’ve tried to explain it as succinctly as possible.

Great, so that’s it amigos y amigas.

Are you ready to speak (English) like a boss? Take the 7 Day Speaking Challenge now.

Thank you for tuning in to this Special episode of the English Made Simple show.

You’ve been jamming with Milena from English Made Simple, it’s time to rock n roll amigos y amigas. Until next time, hasta la proxima!

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