English Vocabulary: Happy Holidays!


Happy New Year! Today, I’m sharing two pearls of wisdom with you.
You’ll learn about the Year of the Ox and how to choose YOUR word that will sum up your whole year, the year 2021. Enjoy today’s show!

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Transcript Snapshot (Happy Holidays)

Hello, hello, I think it’s not too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year. It’s 2021 and you’re listening to the English Made Simple Show this is the first episode of the year 2021, the episode number 267, number two hundred and sixty-seven, numero dos cientos sesenta y siette.

Hey amigos. My name is Milena and you can find me at www.englishmadesimple.net. You can find everything on there, including the whole repertoire of the English Made Simple episodes when you visit EnglishMadeSimple.net.

Well this is our first episode of 2021.

This means the holidays are over and now it’s time to get cracking with work.

For some of you this time of the year is not really a holiday. If you are in Europe you might have longer holidays during summer time which start from mid-June to mid-September.

For us in the Southern Hemisphere, in Australia and New Zealand, our holidays start from 24th December until 21st January.

Now that I’ve mentioned the dates, here’s something I’d like you to remember about dates. When we talk about dates – day of month – we always use the ‘ordinal numbers’ or ‘sequential numbers’

What’s an ordinal number you might say?

Well, according to Weon Inteligente or the online dictionary:

An Ordinal Number is a number that tells the position of something in a list, such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th etc. Most ordinal numbers end in “th” except for: one ⇒ first (1st) two ⇒ second (2nd) three ⇒ third (3rd)

So if you were born on January 1, we would say, 1st of January.

If you were born on August 25 – it is 25th of August.

I hope that is all clear. Let’s keep going with the show.

In today’s show I’d like to share two pieces of wisdom with you.

Number 1: the Chinese horoscope.
Number 2: your word for this year – what it’s going to be?


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