IELTS Survivor #3 – Chat With William from Colombia



Today we chat to William, another IELTS survivor and a long time listener of the show. William completed Academic IELTS exam to help him study English in Australia. Tune in as William shares his best tips on IELTS, Australia and life in general! Enjoy :)

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Chat Summary

Today we chat with William from Colombia. William has been a long time listener of the English Made Simple show and when he heard about my IELTS Survivor project he reached out to me to share his experience with IELTS. I also quiz him on PTE (Another English exam that you can take to help you migrate to Australia. This is a computer based exam)

This episode goes on for longer than the normal length of the show… and that’s because William really wanted to impart all of his knowledge onto us. He wanted to share a lot about IELTS and his life in Australia where he met his beautiful wife (who, coincidentally is also from Colombia :))

Here is a snapshot of our chat together:


  • William has only been in Australia for 2 and a half years. Before he left for Australia, he didn’t speak any English. William tells us that he had a long journey to Australia, he also had to go through the US Atlanta to catch the next flight to Melbourne. In his broken English, he spoke with a native speaker for the first time at the airport. He remembers he couldn’t understand the other person. So what he did was take a pen and paper and write his questions down!
  • William completed the Academic IELTS as he was studying in Melbourne. He travelled from Colombia to study English. Most of his peers from Colombia would tend to travel to the US or the UK to learn English, but he came to Australia instead. He loves it here. He has a stable job as a Cleaning Supervisor at a Hotel. He even met his wife here and now they live in Australia together. Soon to go to Tasmania to take up another degree.
  • He had an immigration agent to help him come to Australia. The agent advised him on the best visa to take and go through the Endeavour scholarship program
  • William learnt English by taking a course called General English at an Institute in Melbourne, formerly known as Fusion. Then he went to do another English course at Explore Institute.
  • He got the required score in IELTS on his first attempt! I think all the months of learning English really helped. Plus he really likes a challenge so he put all his effort into IELTS and was committed to practice for it!
  • William shares Tips on IELTS: you can prepare by watching Ted Talks, Netflix, or through music. The last tip that William shares is something new to me, video games! You can practice English by participating in video games that are streamlined live across the world, so you get to speak with people from different countries… in English!
  • The last piece of advice that William shares is that you should not give up – it is not impossible to come to Australia and learn English!

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