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English Made Simple is evolving…for the better of course! I am making an announcement today! So you’ve been listening to the show for over 2 years now, it was mostly about English learning. However, from today the content will start to change and I will start shifting the focus over to migrants travelling Down Under. So if you have friends who are planning to emigrate to Australia or New Zealand or have someone already living in Australia or New Zealand please share this podcast with them! Thank you in advance and enjoy the show!:)

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Episode transcript

Hey guys, thanks for tuning in to the English Made Simple show, thanks for tuning in for the 186th time, this is episode number 1-8-6, episode number one hundred and eighty six.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Milena from www.englishmadesimple.net.
Hope everyone is doing well.

So I hope you enjoyed the 3 interviews I prepared for you last month. We had a chat with Eduardo, Carlos and William about their IELTS experience and also about their experience of living in Australia as migrants.

I am pleased to say guys, that those 3 episodes were the most downloaded episodes in the history of this podcast. I can see that a lot of people had enjoyed listening to others going through the experience of nailing down IELTS and making it across the 7 seas and 7 hills to finally reach Australia.

I would say it’s fair to assume that a lot of people would be interested to know what life in Australia is like for a migrant …one reason could be that maybe you are interested in making the leap across the world to get here.

You are interested in moving, but you don’t know how to… yet.

So what I want to do in today’s episode is tell you about the English Made Simple podcast and about where I see it going, what I personally want to do with it and what type of content you can expect from today onwards.

But first, let me tell you why I started English Made Simple.

I started this podcast originally to help my students in Chile learn English. That’s what I was doing while I lived in Chile. I was teaching English.

So the majority of content you’ll see when you scroll through the old episodes will be about English learning. It will have topics about the English language, grammar, expressions, and phrasal verbs and so on.

These episodes are also popular with you guys so they are still available for you to listen to at any time.

Over time as I was working with different students from all around the world I noticed that many are actually asking for help with IELTS, CV’s and jobs in Australia, the immigration process to Australia overall, studying overseas, English for work such as presentations at work, running meetings at work, writing emails and so on. All the stuff that will help non-native speakers adapt in their new life overseas. For example, working in Chile is different to working in Australia right?

You are dealing with different cultures, using different mannerisms, need to re-learn the way you portray yourself, the way you speak with people. As Carlos from the last episode mentioned, even the sense of humour is different – (people could easily get offended if you don’t know how to express yourself clearly), so how do you make yourself be understood at your new workplace, how do you make friends, chit chat and so on.

Having said this, as migrants we also need to be aware of certain expressions, phrasal verbs and slang that’s being used here.

Right, you see where I am going with this?

I had a revelations over the past few weeks that I really enjoy helping people who are interested migrating to Australia or New Zealand. Because I lived in both countries.

So I would like to make an announcement today.

I am planning different types of episodes for EMS going forward. You will hear more interviews of people (migrants) who live & work in Australia or New Zealand and if they had any tips to share with you so you know what to expect once you land here.

Just a heads up…

In the next week or so, don’t be surprised if you see a different podcast artwork on your phones.

I am really excited to be sharing the new and updated Podcast logo! Which is not ready yet, hopefully soon.

It’s all part of the EMS Evolution.

After two years of podcasting I think the time has come for me to pivot. Means to turn and change direction.

I like to keep things interesting for you guys but most importantly I like to keep things interesting for myself! I am the one speaking into the computer & microphone once a week. I need to keep things fresh and interesting, right?

One thing I am not going to change is the intro music – I kinda like the intro music that we have currently, so I will keep it.

The EMS show will continue with new content to help migrants who are also non-native speakers, coming from non-English speaking backgrounds, to quickly settle in Australia and New Zealand. To be successful at work and in life oversall living here in a foreign country with different customs and different language.

You will still receive episodes once a week, everything is the same except the content that’s changing.

I wanted to take this opportunity in today’s episode to give you a little bit of a heads-up, a bit of a ‘warning’ so you are not like: What…. what’s going on? Where am I? What has happened to Milena? Was she abducted by aliens…? No, I wasn’t. Not yet at least.

So I am curious now, guys – does this change affect you in any way? How does this make you feel? I really want to know what you guys think about this change.

You are welcome to stay and keep listening of course, even if you are not considering moving anywhere.

I just want to involve you in the whole process of what is going on. As this is a big change for English Made Simple.

I am planning to bring on different guests to the show including migration agents, recruitment agents, education agents and even English teachers.

As I am stepping away from English teaching and focusing more on helping migrants, I am planning to produce more content that’s relevant to migrants mostly. The ones who either live here or are planning to come here. But since they are non-native speakers they will also be needing help with English. This is why I am planning to get some English teachers on board too. So it will be helpful to you guys who just want to learn English.

And why am I changing the content? Why Milena?

Here is why I am passionate about helping migrants who are coming to Australia or New Zealand

– First of all, I know their struggles, I had experienced them first-hand, my husband is experiencing them right now, and my parents had experienced them too (20 years ago) and guess what? The new migrants arriving today are still experiencing the same struggles!

Let me give you an example of one major struggle for migrants, let’s say you decided to come to Australia, you go through the whole visa process, you finally land in Australia and BAM, you can’t find a job. But the reason the government gave you the visa was due to the lack of skills in Australia that need to be filled by migrants. And yet you keep getting rejected by recruiters because you don’t have ‘local experience’. And of course you don’t have the local experience because you’ve been living in your home country since you were born and never had the reason to come to Australia to gain the local experience. Unless you were a student in Australia which is another story.

You see where I am coming from?

If you have friends or know of anyone thinking about moving to Australia be sure to tell them about English Made Simple. If you have friends who live in Australia or New Zealand be sure to tell them about this podcast. That would be awesome!

If you had been listening to my show for a long time now, I’d really like to hear from you.

I wanna know…How do you feel about this change about English Made Simple? How do you feel about this new show format? I am giving you opportunity to voice your opinions. Because I care about you.

Well, there it is. That’s the show for today.

I am currently away on a short holiday so if you don’t hear from me next week it’s because I am enjoying winter in Melbourne. I am being sarcastic. No body enjoys winter in Melbourne. I am actually house-sitting and looking after our family cat while my Dad is overseas. And if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll be seeing a lot of cat pictures haha

I will see if I can dig up some old episodes to share with you next week to keep you entertained in the meantime, (until I am back from my short holiday.)

Let’s keep in touch anyway, via Facebook, Instagram and email.

Speaking of which, if you are planning to travel to Australia be sure to download the FREE guide that’s available on the website, www.englishmadesimple.net/guide – the Guide is called – Insider’s guide to life in Australia, written by a migrant for migrants. And you can’t miss it, it’s on the front page.

Thank you for listening this far. You’ve been jamming with Milena from English Made Simple, until next time. Hasta la proxima!

Milena Vujnic

Milena Vujnic

Podcast Host at English Made Simple Podcast


Milena is the host of the English Made Simple Podcast and is passionate about helping English learners break their fear of speaking English so they can confidently make conversation and be understood by other English-speakers.

Milena lives in Australia with her Chileno husband and loves anything podcasting and online coaching and is honoured to be supporting and guiding immigrants from all over the world with her products, programs and coaching services.

Click here to learn more about how you can work with Milena.


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