Silent Letters in English

What words did my plumber not know how to pronounce correctly?Tune in to today’s show to find out! I know, it’s a short and sweet episode, but still… enjoy it! :)

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Transcript Snapshot

Hey guys, welcome to the English Made Simple show, this is episode 1-9-8, one hundred and ninety eight, numero ciento noventa y ocho.

Welcome amigos y amigas, it is I, your podcast host Milena from and today I wanted to do a refresher episode on Silent letters.

Before I proceed, I just want to mention that today’s episode was brought to you by an Audiobook I created for people who are interested in improving their phone skills, go to to get your free Audiobook called (5 easy-to-say phrases that will help you sound clear and confident over the phone). Again that link was

Ok so the silent letters… isn’t English like 90% made up of Silent letters?

And did you know that 40% of statistics are made up? Haha

I just invented that number 90 – 90% because I wanted to say that the majority of English words contain a silent letter.

You know amigos, it’s important to know how to spell words in English, because most of the time what we hear is really not how the word is actually written.

And this is why I wanted to do a refresher on Silent Letters…. I do mentioned these in most of my episodes whenever I mention a word, I always say “and this letter is silent”.

But today’s episode is special.

I am going to share an experience of my bathroom renovation that I had just had done recently. So I am calling it: The Silent Letters That Even my plumber didn’t know

Here we go!


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